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  1. Some cool B loop footage 2020 I'm going to go
  2. C2.0

    Importing my scoot

    All the fun people are nutty
  3. I went for a ride in the rain yesterday and used this Swipeze thing for the first time. I had low expectations for it because it was an under $3 impulse buy. Fits the finger terribly but stays on. It actually worked! You dont have to stop, you can just quickly reach up and you're good to go! Got it off gnarlyparts.
  4. Update: I measured the shaft and the sprocket and there is definitely something off. I contacted Fortnine customer service, they were great and refunded me for it. The Moose sprocket looks to have the correct spline spacing, I will try that one next. Otherwise its OEM
  5. What aftermarket spring do you use?
  6. Hey @filterx do you happen to have GPX files from the route?
  7. Having a little issue. The front sprocket won't fit on the countershaft. It says "guaranteed fit" on fortnine (part # JTF287.13) and I even double checked it on the JT website. At $16 I'm not heartbroken but I'd like to get riding asap. The other options it shows me are Sunstar part #34813 for $24 or i can get OEM for $58 (I'd rather not) Any help is appreciated
  8. Wow! Glad he's ok That type of thing could have happened to anyone
  9. I've looked and looked and dont see a solution with that switch. I think I'm just going to temporarily zip-tie it behind the bars and order a better suited switch
  10. C2.0

    Honda CRF230L (2008)


  11. I have a 2008 crf230L I bought Tusk heated grip kit for the brisk fall riding, however the toggle switch they give you is very hard to find a home for. It's a fairly large drill through style switch and my cluster area is already pretty busy with turn signal switch, LED switch, my small GPS, mirrors etc. Has anyone mounted one of these or have any suggestions? The switch is NOT easy to throw either way so it will need to be solid.
  12. At minimum I carry my water, a couple granola bars, candy, fire starting junk, very basic tools (5mm Allen!) space blanket, lifestraw, manual chainsaw and knife. All fits easily in my camel pack or tail bag I rarely pack the minimum unless it's a short well known trail. In BC the back roads can take you hours from home and throw some crazy crap at you. I ride a dual sport so I pack more for exploring and adventuring "just in case" scenarios, not so much pounding out motos on single track
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