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  1. CBLCrash

    2018 WR250F bogs

    Service department checked over their work and said they couldn't find anything obvious. Wasn't throwing codes at all. They replaced the ecu and all is well. Same mapping put to it and bike runs fine according to them. Just a bad ecu apparently.
  2. CBLCrash


    Heading to Reiter with a buddy tomorrow. Picking up bike from dealer at 10 should be there around 11 - 1130. I haven't been out there for close to 30 years. I remember it as having alot of challenging trails but from what I've read on here I guess that is not the case any longer.
  3. CBLCrash

    2018 WR250F bogs

    Just bought a brand new 18 WR250F from dealer here in Washington state. I had ridden a friends 17 and enjoyed it so decided that would be my next bike. I had the dealer uncork it and replace the ecu with the comp one. Got it out this weekend only to find that it bogs at low rpms. Not helpful as I mostly stick to single track and woods riding. Now I'm no master mechanic and obviously I'm taking the bike back to the dealer to fix this but I'm also wanting to know what people with more experience may think. Essentially I'm not getting the snap out the bike I would expect when applying a good amount of throttle, just a low drowning sound I'm sure most have experienced, then it breaks loose and gets going after a second or 2. This mostly happened in 2nd gear in tight corners but I was able to replicate issue in most gears. This is my first fuel injected bike so I was thinking possibly the fuel pump or could it be the mapping put to the ecu at the dealership. I have not bought the programmer yet but I will be.
  4. CBLCrash

    Top Restaurants for pre/after ride eating in Washington

    J.R.s down by 106 in Belfair is pretty good. BIG Bubbas burgers in Allyn is usually good as well.
  5. Drz I picked up back in October.
  6. If MLB can afford 430 million for 1 player surely they can afford to fix the field after a sx. Nice retractable roof stadium across the street from the clink. It wont happen I know but it sure would make sx in Seattle better as far a the weather is concerned.
  7. Trout's gonna get 430 mill for 12 yrs.
  8. Its too bad T-mobile park couldn't be used but the field would take to much of a beating. Baseball players need perfect grass in order to make 30 million a year. Forecast doesn't look to bad right now though.
  9. CBLCrash

    Open area for new rider?

    We made it out there today. My son who I was intending to have come out with his 110 wasn't feeling good so it was my other son on his 150 and myself on the DRZ. Still lots of snow on the trails but all the sun today made it worth getting out there. Thanks again for all the responses.
  10. CBLCrash

    Open area for new rider?

    So Goat Ranch it is. I assume there probably is a lot of snow on the ground still but we'll go take a look anyway this weekend. Thanks for advice, much appreciated.
  11. CBLCrash

    Open area for new rider?

    Got my son a new Yamaha 110 and I'm looking for an area to take him so he can get some saddle time. He's not very experienced, (couple hours on a 70) so both of us are reluctant to just throw him on and take off on some trail together . I want him to gain some confidence first. We are close to Tahuya and was wondering about the sandhill gravel pit area. Is that area to rough and closed in for me to keep an eye on him from a distance? Grays harbor orv from what I remember had some sections for new riders. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  12. CBLCrash

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    2014, just put on some risers and a new precision rack.
  13. CBLCrash

    Skid plate recommendations

    I want the fit to be as close as possible. I have a Yoshimura exhaust I'm hoping wont interfere with it.
  14. CBLCrash

    Skid plate recommendations

    So I recently bought a 2014 DRZ400S model in order to hit the trails with my 2 young sons who are just starting their dirt bike careers. My career was put on hiatus for several years but now is the time to come back. The bike I bought was mainly used on the street so it is still outfitted with stock plate and rad guards. I assume most would recommend aluminum plates but I think I may go with a hard plastic. I'm not opposed to aluminum but I don't think I'll be riding much more than logging roads and less difficult single track trails. With that in mind I still want more protection than the stock plate offers. I thought it a good idea to tap into the knowledge base this forum offers. Thanks in advance.