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  1. That may be true, and I’m definitely not an eloctroscience major, but I’ve worked on enough engines to know that just because you see spark when the plug is out, does not mean there will be enough energy to create a spark under cylinder pressure. Sorry it didn’t take care of the issue, hope you get it worked out.
  2. Couldn’t hurt but man that would suck if it’s burnt up after only 19 hours!! I’d throw a new plug on it to make sure and see what you get. A fouled plug can still make spark at atmospheric pressure but the spark weakens as cylinder pressure comes up.
  3. Maybe the plug is fouled? How new is the plug in it?
  4. Pine_rider

    300XC-W vs 520EXC

    Haha, I was there this last weekend too with a few friends of mine, all riding brand new exc500s. I’m talking a brand new 300xc-w. Fuel injection, selerate oil and fuel, all the good stuff. I’d like to not have to rebuild anything. I’m not worried about it being street legal, I don’t ride much street other than just a quick crossing or .5 mile run to a friends house.
  5. Could just be the fuel pump or filter not building enough volume/pressure. Had something similar happen on a friends EXC 500 and it just ended up being the fuel pump.
  6. Pine_rider

    300XC-W vs 520EXC

    See, that’s my thought. The better the power to weight ratio, the faster your junk will be. I like the 300 for that, and then BRC makes the 500 kit for it so if I needed more power I could get their kit and I can’t imagine a 520 being able to sweep that setup. But are the 520s really as fast as they say?
  7. Pine_rider

    300XC-W vs 520EXC

    Hey guys, new to posting here but I’ve been reading these forums for years. As the title states, I’m looking for input on which bike to pursue. Right now I ride a clean XR600 and have had the suspension reaprung and revalved for my weight and I like it a lot, but the bike is just too heavy. I’m 6’4” and about 220lbs, but the bike is a nightmare in loose terrain. I live in Northern California and have hundreds of miles of trails in my back yard, including the Rubicon. I’m also close to Nevada and ride Moonrocks and other OHVs quite a bit, so I’m looking for something to fit the mud, sand, and rocks. I never ride track, so I’m definitely looking for an enduro/trail bike, and have been very interested in the 300xc-w, but my friends are telling me that it’s too weak? They are saying the 520exc is the only way to go. Any input?