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  1. Oops, Didn't know who I was talking to. Well... at least you got my honest unvarnished opinion. Best of luck to you.... Bob
  2. It's not about you.... Look at the first post. The guy is 49 years old, 6'3" 240 lbs. A DRZ400 might be real nice for this guy. He is not 19 years old doing Hare Scrambles. I agree a DRZ400 is heavy, maybe 320 honest pounds, but how is it used. Riding to the trails? Riding to town to get lunch and a beer? His trails/woods may be two tracks with an occasional tough spot. Speaking as an old guy, a tame/mild bulletproof cheap four stroke (XR400R in my case) is an excellent choice. And yes, the two-stroke younger guys blow by me.
  3. Sorry Creatch, in this day of smartphones and throwaway products, common sense is gone.
  4. hibobb

    2016 DRZ400s no spark

    I wish there was "one" black-death wire (Maybe black with yellow lighting bolts on it), that you could disconnect somewhere near the coil and it would disconnected all the safety sh*t and the kill switch. The wire would be mandated to be on ALL motorcycles, lawnmowers, ATV, etc... and to be clearly labeled. Of course this could never be as it would wreck the service/repair business and throw the National economy into a tailspin...
  5. hibobb

    Xr400 exhaust clamp issue

    If your bolt is too long, you will bust something. No offence, but using a bolt is jerry-rigged. The motor comes stock with a "stud" that is usually loc-tighted into the motor, and you tighten a nut on the outboard side. You are tightening the pipe to the crush-seal exhaust gasket. Don't go gorilla.
  6. hibobb

    2016 DRZ400s no spark

    The best answers come from a well defined question.
  7. That takes into account sprocket wear. The manuals generally measures a chain by a distance between "X" numbers of rollers, and sets a wear limit.
  8. I may have missed it, but does anyone measure their chain length (like the owners manual says) to see if it is worn out? I think the guy that says it is worn out when the plating worn off was joking (I hope). I really suspect most of the posts are from guys that sell their bikes before an o-ring chain wears out. PS, I said "most" posts, I know some of you guys are hard core. A few of the posts here are really first class info.
  9. I use WD-40 to clean the gear lube off my wheel
  10. No disrespect, but when the engineers that make the chain say not to do something, I don't recommend doing it. If I remember right, most if not all, my old Honda service manuals said to use a "Honda" product, or just plain old 80/90 gear lube (good enough for me). Messy, yes.... But if I had a nickel for every can of overpriced wonder product some aftermarket place sold, I could buy a shiny new KTM!!
  11. hibobb

    Honda XR250R & XR400R Pictures

    110 year old dairy barn in Wisconsin, USA. Most of the snow stays outside....
  12. "blubbery" I like that word...
  13. Doc Brown nailed it. Clean the filter...
  14. hibobb

    2003 xr400r

    Look into "Gordon's Mods" for an XR400. Your/Our later 400's "stock" have lots of restriction on the fuel/air flow. Personally, I like the quiet stock bikes, the power is plenty for me. That said, it is capable of more, but honda saw fit to design it modest and bullet proof.