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    MY19 300rr oil usage

    Hi I have a brand new 300rr that has 4hrs and 60km on the clock. how much oil should it be using as it seems to use nearly nothing. do a few tracks around home which are around a 15-20km loop and I ride in a high gear and low throttle it used like bugger all the bottle was full to the top and it’s just at the bottom of neck now about 2-3cm down.(filled back to top before each ride) Is this normal or is it not getting oil. no lights on dash or anything unusual.
  2. Cameron Starr

    06 Crf250x speedo wiring.

    yes I did that got those diagrams but the issue as I said it shows colour for bike side of the plug I don’t have any of them harness or even the plug and the wires on the 9 pin to the Speedo colours don’t match the ones on the bike side diagrams if that makes sense I need pin out of what is what I’m the plug in what order
  3. Cameron Starr

    06 Crf250x speedo wiring.

    Australia as mentioned in original post
  4. Cameron Starr

    06 Crf250x speedo wiring.

    💯 a 250x says on the compliance plate.
  5. Cameron Starr

    06 Crf250x speedo wiring.

    Hi I purchased a unloved bike that I am currently doing a top end rebuild on. it came with the Speedo in a bag and the wiring behind the head light cover is a mess. The issue sue is there is no 9 pin plug for the Speedo. Being a auto elec I though I can make my own harnsss etc. found a wiring diagram but it don’t show what pins what in the 9 pin just colours or harness bike side which I don’t have and the Speedo side colours are different. does anyone have diagrams of what colour wires Speedo side got to in the bike or a pin out of the 9 pin plug ? this is for adr In Australia to be regoed. thanks cam