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  1. TT-R125

    08 125

    yeah if it does i would change out my 03
  2. TT-R125

    ebay swingarm kit

    i would buy that kit in a heartbeat if they still made it. or if they could make one
  3. TT-R125

    so i think im gonna do a full conversion

    go BLUE lol stock 100 motors have no power to get out of its own way
  4. TT-R125

    yz80 carb help

    are the bbr bore kits hard to install? or can a monkey do it
  5. TT-R125

    !!!JD Jetting Kit for TTR125 Released!!!

    id spend 75$ on something else not a jet kit.....
  6. TT-R125

    08 125

    i wonder if the 08 plastics will fit older ones i meen like the whole tank seat and rear fender and side panels
  7. TT-R125

    1986 Kdx200 information

    yeah i was basically looking for plastics and levers and bars something to just make it look pretty enought to buy then resell my neighbor races vintage motor cycles he said you could profit off it if i can get it for like 400$
  8. TT-R125

    1986 Kdx200 information

    i saw it forsale and was really interested in the price so i told him id get back to him in a couple days. so i need to know if there is any performance parts for this bike and can i still get factory parts for this year also plastics. guys said its a nice woods bike its bored either .30 or .20 over new piston and sleeve
  9. TT-R125

    big bore kit help

    what all brands make cams for the ttr
  10. TT-R125

    big bore kit help

    ok im able to get a bbk. and i was wondering your guys opinions with going with a BBR 150 with cam or trying powroll 160 with a hot cam. what do you guys think will have better power gains but how much considering the powroll needs 110 octane
  11. TT-R125

    Modified TTR Pictures

  12. TT-R125

    TTR125 roadracer

    that bike is sikk love the exhaust
  13. TT-R125

    Lets see the ttr 125s

    http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/garage.php?do=viewattachment&attachmentid=7702 havent got around to buying the yz80 front caliper and master cylinder yet
  14. TT-R125

    YZ85 rear fender fit TTR125?

    no they yz85 fender wont fit a ttr onless ur willing to make it fit i have a black yz85 rear fender on my bike
  15. What Will Win A TT-R125 or a Drz/Klx125???