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  1. Jeremy Preston

    SX CDI review?

    I installed the slavens sx cdi on my 17 300xcw which also has a rkt head and it works great. Biggest gain for me was on the bottom end, more repsonive for sure.
  2. Jeremy Preston

    2018 300 XC-W Heads and other performances upgrades

    I have a 17 with rkt head, v force 4 reeds, dep pipe, red powervlave spring, and JD jet kit in my stock mikuni which works awesome. Tons of power. I have zero issues with my mikuni and ride from 4k to 10k in idaho. I see no need to waste money on carbs. I am now removing the cylinder to install a 1.25mm base gasket to get even more mid to top end. Kelsey at rkt sends a new dome for the raised cylinder.