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  1. Oh yeah, these came in too... And these...... I switched my OEM supplier from worldofpowersports.com to Rocky Mountain ATV-MC 's website. I was paying big on shipping, and waiting up to 2 weeks for delivery. Now prices are below retail, and 3-day shipping is free! Stoked! Still waiting on a few more parts arrive (it may seem weird, but I ordered everything separately based on what they completed for my organization. Didn't want to see a box with 1000 pieces in it). And a couple upgrades for the shop. Then I should start making some real progress. Stay tuned....
  2. I decided to powder coat, ....... everything! 😈 Just need to get a 220v outlet ran to my garage and we are in business! Woohoo! I'm am excited to get practicing.
  3. I took it to my auto mechanic, a huge ex-marine diver,as embarrassed as I am to say.... He just sprayed a lil PB blaster, heat, a few taps of a hammer on the head of the bolt, then put some real muscle into it. I was equally excited and frustrated. On the way home I stopped at O'Reilly's and picked some PB blaster, also tried to buy some 20" biceps but they were out of stock! 😉
  4. Damn, ok. Thanks all for the info. I contacted my auto mechanic and he said he can do it for me (6-pack). So hopefully that goes well. Hopefully wont have to deal with any thread repair. But again, grateful for your imput incase I have to go down that road 👍
  5. On a positive note, I ordered a lil somethin' special for my "shop". I'll post pics when it arrives!
  6. ...... Time for a new problem. 😕 The p/o installed the head studs incorrectly (short in front/long in back vs. short on left/long on right), and they were locked in! I was able to get one out with just two of the head nuts and noticed that a significant amount of the threads were hacked off, probably not good. So I just went for it on the rest, no mercy, grinded a flat spot on either side and clamped the vice grip and ripped. Broke two loose with some effort, and of course got hung up on the last one.... I threw the case half in the freezer for a few hours, clamped the grips, added a lil heat to the case surrounding the threads and cranked it. Got it to budge almost a 1/4 turn, adjusted and cranked again, and SNAP! Broke the damn thing right off! ANY ADVICE on how to go from here is very welcomed. Check out the pic and throw in your 2cents.
  7. Crank assembly arrived freshly rebuilt by Ken O'connor Racing with OEM bearings, pin, and crankshaft. The needle roller bearing for the crankcase also came in. Just waiting on a few more OEM bearings, locating dowels, nuts/bolts ect. to come in and this engine should be ready to put together! Need to start thinking about painting/powder coating the engine. Are there any parts of the motor I CANT paint or powder coat?
  8. .......I did use them in a 1/4" cordless impact gun, because my impact screwdriver is 3/8". Regardless, it was a mistake because the bits were not impact rated but more designed for T handle use.
  9. Maybe it's not necessary to remove the oil pump housing.... 😂
  10. JIS bits from motion pro came in. They only had 1/4in bits, my impact screwdriver is 3/8in, so I threw it in my impact gun.......
  11. I called world of power sports directly to ask about the crankcase needle roller bearing I destroyed. They informed me that it most likely comes with the right crankcase when ordering from them, but the case has been discontinued. My jaw dropped, thought my project was over. Took about four hundred and twenty seconds to calm down and start figuring this out. Lol. I hit Ebay for a used crankcases, many options available from $60-$200, but how would I know if the bearing is any good? Edit: I noticed many of the cases for sale still had the oil pump housing attached! Hahaha Another four hundred and twenty seconds later I remembered I still have the outer ring to the bearing lying around, maybe it has a part no. on it. Success! NK 15x23x12 ordered from Ebay for $5.28. They are walking it over from China so it will be here around xmas. I'm not in a rush.
  12. Ok, after watching a few videos, I went with the bread, punch and hammer technique. Just pack the inside of the bearing with bread, use the punch and hammer to force the bread behind the bearing and keep adding more bread, and more bread, and boom goes the dynamite! Pops right out. The only problem I ran into was that the videos I watched perform this technique on a car axle pilot bearing, the bearings in my cases are lubricated through a reservoir fed from behind the bearing (pictured).... So I ended up also forcing bread right into these tiny reservoirs! I'm thinking an ultrasonic cleaner will be my best bet at removing it. Looking back I should have used grease in place of bread. Lesson learned: This technique DOES NOT work on needle bearings! You just end up forcing the needles right out of the bearing. Luckily I was able to borrow a pilot bearing puller from O'Reilly's the pull the outer ring of the bearing out without problems. Use grease! Help! I completely destroyed the needle bearing that sits in the right crankcase and holds the end of the counter shaft. Didn't think it was a big deal, but I cannot find another one to order! I've been using worldofpowersports.com for OEM parts, and I can't find it on there. Any suggestions?
  13. Ordered JIS, threw the case half in the freezer, pulled it out last night to get most of the bearings out with no problem at all. I need a blind bearing puller for the rest. Before I get one in going to try a technique I read in a few different forums using grease, toilet paper, punch and a hammer to hydraulically lift it out. I'll let you know how it goes.
  14. In the freezer now, JIS bits from motionpro should be here Sunday, I'll keep you posted 👍