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    KTM 300 vs 450?

    If you spend more time in the bottom 3 gears than the top 3 (2 on your RMZ)' you will be happy with the 300. I love my 300 and the riding I do is slow and technical (normally 1st, 2nd, and 3rd). If I was still riding fast terrain I would still be on a 450.CoKTM
  2. coktm

    Best 2 stroke or 4 stroke for trails

    The KDX (200, 220, or 250) are all nice choices, and in your price range you might be able to find a 2-stroke RMX250, or 2-stroke WR250. Yamaha also sold a WR200 but sold very few and they are very hard to find. All were great bikes for their day and can still be fun and capable bikes. http://www.suzukicycles.org/RM-RMX-series/index.html?RM250-RMX250.shtml~isoraami http://georgiaoffroad.com/dirtbike.php?modelid=795 http://www.bikepics.com/yamaha/wr/95/pics.asp CoKTM
  3. coktm

    Western slope conditions

    Check the I70 weather cams. There is one right on the Co/Ut border that will give you a good idea of snow conditions real time. http://www.cotrip.org/device.htm?type=still CoKTM
  4. coktm

    06 kx450f vs 07 yz450f

    I'm pretty sure the 06 Kawi is a 4 speed. It works fine on tracks but is not real versatile on the trails. The Yamaha is a 5 speed which works better off road. CoKTM
  5. coktm

    How do shims/clearances work?

    I have seen "cupped" valves where the head has rolled and the valve is longer. CoKTM
  6. coktm

    How do shims/clearances work?

    To over simplify: one side of the shim rides on the end of the valve stem, and the other side rides inside the "bucket". This allows you to adjust the overall length of the valve/shim/bucket assembly to precise tolerances. Your cam love rides on the outside of the "bucket" and causes the valve to open as it rotates. If your shims are too thick (longer valve assembly) the valve may not completely close and the valve will leak, burn valves, be hard to start, or not run at all. If you shim is too thin (short valve assembly) the valve does not fully open or maintain proper duration and you loose power, get more valve noise, and risk breaking top end parts. As you ride your bike your valves tend to get longer over time (the valve cups, and the valve mating surface with the seat wears. Therefore when you're valve clearance goes out of tollerance you generally have to put in thinner shims to account for the longer valves. CoKTM
  7. coktm

    KTM 300 vs 450?

    I switched from an 07 KX 450 to an 09 300 XC. The main reason that I switched was because the group I ride with was transitioning away from riding mostly fast desert terrain and moving toward more technical single track. For faster whooped out desert and big straight hill climbs the KX was awesome. On technical single track with lots of rocks and ledges the KX was a beast and required lots of throttle and clutch control to conquer the nasty stuff. The 300 really shines in the nasty stuff because it has extremely controllable power delivery at low speeds and is very forgiving if you make mistakes. I liked my 09 300 so much that a couple years later I upgraded to a 12 300. I love the 300 in the tight nasty terrain and find I can conquer obstacles that would have scared the piss out of me on the KX. When we get in open terrain I miss the broad torque of the 450. Nothing eats up whooped desert better than a 450. The other benefits of the 300 are the lighter weight, and hoe easy it is to tune the power delivery characteristics (power valve springs, jetting, map switch, dolly setting). The down side of the 300 is that you have to ride it harder to ride it fast. It requires a lot more shifting and can get a little "busy" in the bumps where a 450 can be ridden lazy and still be pretty fast. My opinion is: if you ride a majority of slower technical terrain go with the 300, and if you spend more time on the track or in open terrain stick with the 450. CoKTM
  8. We'll be heading over that way on Fri if the weather holds. Right now Sat is looking iffy! CoKTM
  9. I also use a bit of Slime. 1/4 of a 16 oz bottle per tire I would guess. Never had a flat yet. CoKTM
  10. coktm

    Where can I buy sprocket kit for a ttr

    Rocky mountain ATV. If you want it to "feel" like it has more torque gear it down (smaller front sprocket/larger rear sprocket). https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/Parts-Finder/44/Dirt-Bike CoKTM
  11. This is excellent advise. Most other "suspension guys" can also lower your suspension. This is the bast way to get your bike lower and not screw up the handling by altering the geometry. Shaving the seat foam also helps and is a no cost option. CoKTM
  12. coktm

    Asking too much of my son?

    Kids need to have a bit of a thick skin on these forums. When they ask "should my gear match my bike", "will Metal Mulisha graphics look cool", or "What powerband works best"', they will catch some abuse. They can also get a lot of help and learn a lot if they want to. CoKTM
  13. coktm

    Eastern Kentucky

    Try posting in the regional forum. You may have more luck. CoKTM
  14. coktm

    Which would you do? selling decision

    Only you know your overall financial situation. If you need a car and don't have the money to buy one, sell the YZ. If you have the cash and are just swapping toys, go with the decision that will give you the most satisfaction. CoKTM
  15. Replace the Ti valves with stainless, stick with a lower compression piston, if you have a carb jet it a little fat to make it run cooler, high flow water pump impeller (probably no real help), and external oil cooler are the first things I would do to increase reliability. As said before, solid maintenance, not hitting the rev limiter all the time, and keeping you engine from overheating probably will do more for reliability than building a "mild" engine. CoKTM
  16. coktm

    Exc-f Coolant Overflow?

    If you fill your KTM radiators to the top they will leak out a little until the fluid level is just above the internal coolant fins. If you are loosing more than that you have another issue. Fill your radiator just above the fins, not to the top. CoKTM
  17. coktm

    Too old too short

    Wrong side of 50??? With all the kids out of the house it is much easier to find time to get out and ride, as well as having more disposable cash for toys. I'll be retiring in the the next year or so and then I'll have even more time to play. I'm feeling like I may be on the right side of 50.CoKTM
  18. coktm

    Too old too short

    If you're willing to get a bit more exotic the Ossa Explorer, Sherco Xride, are other bikes that can be added to the more serious trail bike list and the Gas Gas Randonne 200 will also be imported. http://www.ossausa.com/motorcycles/ossa-explorer-280i/ http://www.shercousa.com/?action=xride http://www.gasgas.com/2013_randonne.htm CoKTM
  19. Enjoy it. I love the 300! CoKTM
  20. coktm

    Too old too short

    The 250 Freeride is being imported for 2015. I don't think the 350 or "E" is going to be imported but I'm not positive.CoKTM
  21. coktm

    Too old too short

    Check out the Beta 300 cross trainer, or the KTM 250 freeride if you want a real step up in trail capability. https://ultimatemotorcycling.com/2015-beta-x-trainer-first-look/ http://www.ktm.com/freeride.html CoKTM
  22. So... Which one did you end up with?CoKTM
  23. I would go with the 350 for what you describe. In my opinion it will be a better bike for Baja, So Cal, and Dual sport. The 300 is better for technical single track. CoKTM
  24. coktm


    They are pretty universal and work with nearly all goggles. Just find the goggle that fits your face/helmet opening the best. CoKTM
  25. coktm

    250 that much easier?

    Sounds like you found what you were looking for. Enjoy it! CoKTM