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  1. Xtrooper89

    USD fork install on 2012 DRZ400S

    bucket list: I have a few items on; -2 pair of socks (Darn Tough, Smart Wool) -Oneal mx boots -base layer top and bottom -tshirt and pants -flannel long sleeve -olypia motosport two piece suit with winter liner -old military gortex two piece suit -neck gator -summer gloves (inside my sweet bar mitts) -pack mule gen 2 klr650 My buddy I am riding with suggested zip tying the cuffs of the bar mitts and that stopped all the cold air. Feels like summer inside. We have been 5 mph on trails in the woods, to 75 mph runs on roads in mid 30’s and I have been very comfortable. Rain really didnt even slow us down. Let me know if you have anymore questions. My buddy might chime in. Here is a pic from amazon where we purchased them...
  2. Xtrooper89

    USD fork install on 2012 DRZ400S

    ptgarcia: I am currently 700 miles into an adventure ride with a buddy and can report that the forks are doing great. Between cruising 75mph on the highway to twisty trails in the mountains, they handle amazing. We are completing as many sections of the MABDR as possible in 5 days, including travel there and back.
  3. Xtrooper89

    USD fork install on 2012 DRZ400S

    The front does not feel twitchy. It feels more stable. I had some twitchy feeling issues at higher speeds, around 70 mph, that is no longer there.
  4. Xtrooper89

    USD fork install on 2012 DRZ400S

    I utilized the 2005 RMZ450 triple clamp with 22.5 offset, (*see below year/ model/ offset data) only because I messed up and purchased the RMZ450 forks. It turns out that the axle is a bigger diameter and not compatable with the stock DRZ front wheel. So I purchased 47mm showa forks from a 2003 RM125 and combined them with the RMZ clamps ,which do actually allow the use of your stock DRZ axle, wheel, and brake set-up. As to steering stability, it rides better and steers better, but I can also say the original bearings were considerably dry. They could have been a negative factor in the original steering quality. The new bearings are properly greased and torqued. I can cruise 75mph with no issues. I will update after I get a few more rides on it. I found another topic while researching all the required components to complete the swap and it said the following: “stock DRZ is 18mm offset 1999 - 2000 RM125 / 250 - 24.5 offset - 49mm USD Showa Forks 2001 - 2004 RM125 - 24.5 offset - 47mm USD Showa Forks 2001 - 2003 RM250 - 24.5 offset - 46mm USD Kayaba Forks 2004 RM250 - 22.5 offset - 47mm USD Showa Forks 2005 RM125 / 250 - 22.5 offset - 47mm USD Showa Forks 2005 RMZ450 - 22.5 offset - 47mm USD Showa Forks (new axle and axle lugs on the RMZ450 fork may require different spacers maybe more to use a set of its forks etc. on a DRZ or other RM????) The RMZ250 is a Kawi designed chassis so I will totally leave it out as it doesn't belong. OK Now for fork clamping area diameter measurements for the different forks : 47mm USD Showa Fork : 54.5mm upper 58.5mm lower 46mm USD Kayaba Fork : 54.5mm upper 58.5mm lower  49mm USD Showa Fork : 55.5mm upper 59.5mm lower So basically an RM triple clamp whether 22.5 offset or 24.5 offset can be used to mount up a set of either 47mm SHW or 46mm KYB USD Forks.  As for the 49mm fork as what came on the 1999-2000 models you are stuck with a 24.5 at least as far as stock and most aftermarket clamps are concerned.”
  5. Xtrooper89

    USD fork install on 2012 DRZ400S

    I had a hard time finding solid information for swapping USD forks onto my S model. So hopefully this helps someone. I started off with the following items: •2003 RM125 forks- ebay •2005 RMZ450 triple clamp assembly-ebay •all ballz steering bearing kit #22-1013 •SM model headlight brackets - ebay •tap set •Park tool RT-1 - amazon.com •pro-taper 1 1/8 universal bar clamps •gold aluminum clamp bushings-ebay •dremel I sent the forks to Factory Connection in Pennsylvania where they were re-sprung, re-valved, and rebuilt. The entire process from shipping to them to receiving them back was roughly 6 days. Their customer service was awesome. I disassembled the front end and replaced the bearing cups in the head tube using the park tool RT-1, which was purchased from amazon. Then installed the all ballz bearing kit. I tapped the new bearing races in evenly using one of the old races that were removed. The lower steering bearing was easily removed with a chisel and hammer using a few good smacks. The bearing was installed with accurate hammer taps on a punch while the stem was sitting on a same diameter socket to prevent it from being knocked out of the lower clamp. Everything was then loosely mounted, forks in the clamps, SM headlight brackets on the fork tubes, wheel with speedo gear and DRZ axle, DRZ original S brake caliper, and torqued starting from the axle working up, aligning everything as I moved up. Then torqued the lower fork clamp, followed by the steering spanner nut, then upper clamp steering nut. Next were the upper clamp bolts, followed by the install of the bar clamps. Once everything was installed I moved the key switch to the right side, top bolt, of the upper fork clamp. I tapped the upper clamp to receive the stock dash, and built a quick aluminum bracket for the lower bolt of the headlight shroud. After a few shake-out rides, I am glad it was done. I am now looking forward to my upcoming backwoods ride across North Carolina.