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  1. SmokeX

    19 300XC at 60.5 hours

    Btw I had to open the air screw out 3/4 of a turn from 1 1/4 to 2 aso. So my conclusion is that it were running a little lean before in a certain area off idle.
  2. SmokeX

    19 300XC at 60.5 hours

    Installed the kit today. All went well. I’m amazed but it actually runs a tad bit better off idle and running around with 1/8 throttle. It was good before but now even better if that’s possible. I haven’t taken it on a ride as of yet but I can tell it made a difference!! For the better and I really didn’t expect that. The JD gasket is by far superior to the factory one. I’ve seen pictures but they don’t do it justice. See pic. I was careful removing the appropriate part so I could see how the gasket was inside. It looks a bit off to me. It were also very thin and flimsy compared to JD’s. I’m glad I got the kit. Thanks. :-).
  3. SmokeX

    2019 KTM 300 XC Jetting

    I received my JD carb gasket kit a few days ago. Installed it this morning. Everything went well. Torx bit 10 screws inside carb were held in place with lock tight. All went well and smooth. One can see in the pic that the gasket is off slightly. I made sure to remove it very carefully and wanted to see how it was in the carburetor. The new JD gasket has metal surrounded by rubber. Much stiffer and will holds its shape better. The JD gasket is far superior to the factory one. I’ve seen pictures before but they don’t do it justice. Installed carb back into bike. All went smooth! Fired it right up first try as usual. It ran great before but I can tell it runs a little bit better lol. I really didn’t expect it but is absolutely a dream of idle. Before was great! Now even better if that’s possible. I’m glad I went with it.
  4. What do you guys carry in your tool boxes when riding is the question. Ambiguity imo. “Tool box” implies what’s on the truck. “When riding”implies what’s on the bike. So imo, what difference does it make? Riders are sharing information with each other and seem to be having fun at it. So let it ride ;-).
  5. When I went tubliss, I took out quit a bit of tools. Tire irons wrenches ect. No need to change a tire now, although I keep extra stuff in the vehicle in case of. Lately I’ve been getting by with a ktm fanny pack.
  6. SmokeX

    19 300XC at 60.5 hours

    Thanks Just got the kit yesterday. Spent more money in shipping than the kit lol. Bike is only 7 months old. I’ll get to it during the next rain storm due to hit next week. :-). So I think I’m safe till then. I smell another ride this weekend. The bike is simply amazing!
  7. SmokeX

    Green spring better for technical riding?

    I just don’t like the green spring at all. Even turned near flush. Not enough snap and torque for me! The yellow spring I did like. Went back and forth quit a bit before landing on the red. for more single track technical riding I’ll just turn in the red spring a little more and I should be good to go. I’m riding down in the valley till late spring. Then I’ll be riding in the mountains near by, in which case I may turn the red in a little. Perhaps if I go with a performance head I’ll reconsider things. For now, the enjoyment factor is too great for me. I don’t race. Just pure fun. ;-) Nice thread! And it’s nice to see what others are doing.
  8. SmokeX

    Green spring better for technical riding?

    I see your point. I better have some coffee first lol. Thanks. :-)
  9. SmokeX

    Green spring better for technical riding?

    Seems like a major loss of torque and everyone is saying it. Rolling on and off throttle is a majore factor imo. It’s what a rider feels while riding, less torquey feel.
  10. Hey. I didn’t think of that. Now I understand why one would want to wrap the plug! Ok. Thanks. :-)
  11. SmokeX

    Green spring better for technical riding?

    Plenty of evidence !!! Why don’t you go do a dyno and come back and prove your theory. Green = wimpy Red=devil. Simple. Ask your self this question. If all the springs are created equal, why have them in the first place. Well. It’s because there is a difference. I equate the green spring to much like a TPI bike. Low on torque and real zippy like. I just can’t stand that really. And most don’t care about shaving off 2 seconds of time as most don’t time themselves like you do.
  12. SmokeX

    Green spring better for technical riding?

    I’ve tried them all in my 19 300xc. The green was a bit too weak imo but the yellow with one turn in was about right for technical trails. i guess I just love the torque! 🙂 so I’m using the red spring about 3/4 of a turn in. to the OP, it prolly runs cooler for the PV can lean out the jetting a bit when turned out. so when installing the green spring it caused the jetting to run slightly richer, which is prolly keeping the heat at bay. So if you were to go back to what you had before, I would raise the needle one clip to compensate. And go from there.
  13. That and a plug kit and pump is about all I take. And I’m thinking the plug is not necessary since I have a carb’d bike :-). If I owned a TPI, my large back pack would hold enough lol. ;-)