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  1. Kxracer91

    93 yz 250 power valve interchange

    ahh happy days! any damage to cylinder head? my heads ruined lol not quite sure what happened with it but she was still running too.. i decided to take a look at the noises it had been making thinking it was detonation and well turns out the whole motor needed rebuilding... heres some pics
  2. Kxracer91

    93 yz 250 power valve interchange

    wow thats quite a bit.. kinda scary too when the more it wears the closer it gets to the piston!!! il take a picture of my old cap and post tomorrow its wasted! i managed to get a brand new oem replacement one for about £90... did you weld your cap up and reshape?? what did you do with your valve?
  3. Kxracer91

    93 yz 250 power valve interchange

    cheers man thanks for the info... i think thats the path im gonna take! ebay has a few valves on there.. but i think il just get someone to put a blob of weld on it.. il shape it myself then 😂
  4. Kxracer91

    YZ 250 1992 power valve stop tab

    thanks for your reply man! was thinking of the weld thing myself but id rather buy new... which is proving to be impossible for my 92 motor... hope someone out there can point me in the right direction.. the 94 valve looks to have just a slightly different shape in the center of it that im guessing changes the shape of the exhaust port when open... ahhh i dont know i could be wrong
  5. Kxracer91

    93 yz 250 power valve interchange

    hi guys just found this post.. having trouble with powervalve myself.. the stop tab is worn on my 92 powervalve i can get a brand new valve for a 1994 model and to be honest they look identical as do the cylinders.. apart from a slight pattern change in the middle of the valve where the 4DA/4JX is stamped.. anyone know if the 94 would work in my 92 cylinder? heres some pics of my valve any help will be appreciated !!!
  6. hi guys.. im just after a bit of advise? not sure if i have posted this in the correct category but i have a 92 yz 250 and im not sure what to do with the powervalve that fits inside the cylinder.. the stop tab is worn.. and i cannot seem to find a new valve anywhere.. however i can get a 1990 or a 1994 one brand new at Rockymountain atv mc... the part numbers are the same only the first three letters differ which i believe are just an indication of the year...does anyone know if either will fit? or is there anything i can do to my current valve? it looks too worn to use.. heres some pics ... any help will be greatly appreciated!!!
  7. Kxracer91

    YZ 250 cylinder heads

    Cheers yzdoc !! Would be so helpful to know ! Motox367 how do you know the cylinder head won’t fit any other years?? You can buy a std size bore piston kit which fits the YZ 250 from 88-98 so my guessing is the top end didn’t really change much.. Yamaha just fiddled with the Powervalve ... all the heads I’ve seen from 90-98 look identical maybe there’s something I’m missing
  8. Kxracer91

    YZ 250 cylinder heads

    Hi I’m wondering if someone can help me... I need a new cylinder head and I’ve been looking on eBay.. my YZ 250 is a 1992... I’ve seen some cylinder heads upto the year 1998 that look exactly the same as my 92 and all have ‘Y-1’ stamped on them... just wondering if somebody would know if I could use a 98 cylinder head on my bike please? And what does the ‘Y-1’ mean is this a part number? Any help will be greatly appreciated !Thanks!!
  9. Kxracer91

    YZ 250 1992 steering stem nut

    Thanks so much buddy !! Be ordering one now mine is mashed!
  10. Kxracer91

    YZ 250 1992 steering stem nut

    Hi does anyone know where I could get a new steering stem nut for a 92 YZ 250? Mines been battered and I could just about get it off!! Don’t wanna put it back on ! Thanks