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  1. h0ser81

    Xr100r engine issues

    Are you sure the cam chain is tensioned properly? If it's too tight, you'll hear and grinding/whining noise through the revs.
  2. h0ser81

    XR100 Steering Feels Notchy

    So in the process of tweaking the forks straight I inadvertently tightened the steering head bearings which led to the notchy steering. So I readjusted those and no more notchiness. I did that trick with pulling the brakes while tightening the axle bolt and that seemed to work as well. So we're all good again.
  3. h0ser81

    XR100 Steering Feels Notchy

    Actually I did not do that when I tightened it. Now that I look at it it also looks like one fork leg is castered farther out then the other. I'm gonna pull the wheel back off and start the process over again.
  4. h0ser81

    XR100 Steering Feels Notchy

    So I recently bought an XR100 for my daughter and have been going over it, getting it up to snuff maintenance wise. Last night I replaced the front wheel bearings and brake shoes. I reinstalled everything and torqued it down. I noticed the front end alignment was off so I loosened the axle nut up, tweaked it straight then tightened it back to spec. Now for some reason the front brake won't return to it's original position after squeezing them and the steering seems awfully notchy. Like when it's on the stand it takes a lot of force to get it out of center but then it's easy after that until full lock. Almost like it's self centering or notched right in the center. Did I hose something up when I straightened the forks/wheel?
  5. h0ser81

    What is this noise?

    I'm fairly certain it's the vacuum plate like nzgsr said above. I'll be ordering a carb rebuild kit sometime soon.
  6. h0ser81

    What is this noise?

    So now that I listen to it more closely, that sounds seems to be coming from the carb/air filter area. I have no idea what it could be.
  7. h0ser81

    What is this noise?

    So the bike has been making this noise since I've bought it. It only seems to happen after the revs come down from blipping the throttle. I've done the valve adjustment and it doesn't seem to have cleared it up. Any idea what it is? It sounds like the auto decompressor but I'm not totally sure. Video here!
  8. h0ser81

    05 CRF250R Where do I start?

    Hey folks, just picked up an 05 crf250r for 1800 bucks. It fired up from cold in two kicks but I noticed it has a high idle even off choke and warm. Also the fork seals are blown and will need a rebuild. Judging from those issues and the terrible condition of the air filter is hasn't been properly maintained. My question is where would you start? I just want to get everything back to a properly maintained state. Also I plan on having the suspension revalved for woods riding so should I even bother with a rebuild or just wait for the shop to do the revalve?