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  1. I just replaced the coil when I got these symptoms. Maybe the timing Is off for it and I just need to set it. The plate is adjustable. But everything else is yes
  2. Joey Obrien

    Niche rebuild kits

    Are niche 400ex $70 rebuild kits any good? Don’t judge by price, but rather personal experience. Thanks. Btw don’t tell me to just spend the extra $200 because I don’t have any. When I got the wheeler he gave me $100 with it for a top end
  3. Yeah I checked them and they are fine. It has spark, but when I pull the plugs the right one is wet and is not igniting the gas. I cleaned the carb with no luck
  4. Joey Obrien

    Niche Big Bore Kit

    Wow 6k, that’s awesome. I’m getting the $70 for a 400ex. Will it last this long too? Thanks
  5. What jet sizes should I do if I am at 1000ft, 70°f, hmf slip on? I’m thinking a 42 pilot, but what for the main?
  6. I am about to get a seized 400ex, but first I have to inspect everything else. To check the crank bearings, can I just pull the flywheel cover and wiggle the flywheel and look for play there? Also, what else should I inspect for? The reason it seized was he put on an hmf but didn’t jet it so it burnt up. Any help is appreciated, Thanks
  7. Joey Obrien

    MOTORKOTE in Kodak 400

    We’ll it said do not use in cvts, so would that be connected to my crankcase?
  8. I have an Indy 500 and the wires ripped from the coil while I was driving it, so I got a new one. It was sitting outside for a week or so, and I put the new coil in and now it’s running weird. It will idle fine, on either cylinder (unplug a spark plug) but when I give it gas it won’t die, but the rpms stay exactly the same as idle. It sounds like it wants to rev but it won’t. Please help me!
  9. Joey Obrien

    MOTORKOTE in Kodak 400

    Ok thanks. Motorkote does have a recommended amount of additive for wet clutches, so would I do that?
  10. Joey Obrien

    MOTORKOTE in Kodak 400

    Ok so in my kodiaks manual, it says the engine oil lubes the clutch. Would it still be safe to use this in it? It said to not use friction modifiers, as they may cause clutch slip. If not, what about mos2 liquimoly? It hardens on things and stuff, search it cus I don’t fully understand. So could I use either one? Thanks
  11. The Apollo rfz 125 has a ytx 125cc engine in it. I cannot find parts anywhere that match the engine name. What other engines share parts with this bike? Lifan, pihrana?
  12. Joey Obrien

    SSR??Good Bikes??

    Where in ny are you located? I live near Watertown
  13. Joey Obrien

    Wet vs dry top end assembly

    No always do it wet. Dry can cause premature wear
  14. Joey Obrien

    MOTORKOTE in Kodak 400

    OK thanks. So if I put it my kodiak, can I piss pound it, and not worry about blowing up?
  15. Joey Obrien

    Motorkote in kodiak

    If I put motorkote in my kodiak, can I ride it hard without worrying about hurting my engine? Motorkote bonds to metal and greatly reduces friction. Will it harm it at all if I beat on it with motorkote? Thanks