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  1. Rich450L

    CRF450L build; 450RX plastics conversion

    OK so you just build a jumper to bypass the stock clutch switch. That makes sense I wasn’t sure if it was a normally open or normally closed circuit. I have a hydraulic clutch on my trials bike and I don’t see why the mechanical clutch would even exist anymore.
  2. Rich450L

    CRF450L build; 450RX plastics conversion

    Pretty groovy Benay. For the air injection, just a rubber cap? Or was there other stuff to remove? Look up "Booster Plug" to add fuel (works pretty good on mine with the Yoshi X exhaust). What did you do about the clutch switch if you removed the stock clutch?
  3. Rich450L

    Spark Arrestor Removal/ airbox cover

    No worries. That post is about 12 miles long... but that's how it works over in that place ....
  4. Rich450L

    Spark Arrestor Removal/ airbox cover

    From ADV Rider: My ride along air fuel meter at 55mph is 13.66 At 2000 rpm 11.71 Wide open 4 gear 14.21 https://advrider.com/f/threads/honda-crf450l-mega-thread.1343265/page-114
  5. Rich450L

    CRF450L Aftermarket Exhaust Options?

    That's good info there - and how awesome to take a month off, eh? Similar thing in Moto-trials. All the manufacturers in Spain take about a month off..sometime in August/September...
  6. I used one back in the day for my wife's CRF230.... and it was great. So... looks like it's an option for folks that want to modify without changing the internals of a shock or fork. I don't remember what a XR400 suspension looks like...never owned an XR400.
  7. Pretty sure you're going to be the first lowering by changing the shock internals/shortening the springs... This is still probably your best option https://www.crfsonly.com/catalog/product_info.php/cPath/355_358_381_394/products_id/6782
  8. Rich450L

    CRF450L Aftermarket Exhaust Options?

    You're right, you can't re-flash it. Still too lean though, isn't it? And Vortex... coming soon. Now if only they would define "soon".
  9. First - how are you lowering it? Kouba Link? Second - unless you change the springs themselves, their 'rate' is not any different than stock.
  10. Rich450L

    CRF450L Aftermarket Exhaust Options?

    There's a couple manufacturers making products for the 2019 450X <---- X That will work... However, until the ECU is reflashed, you're going to be way way lean...
  11. Rich450L

    CRF450L Flameout?

    Makes sense. I still look forward to a Yosh or FMF pipe and a Vortex ECU...
  12. Rich450L

    My CRF450L Build

    Looks good!
  13. Rich450L

    CRF450L Aftermarket Exhaust Options?

    I would buy that pipe and install it, if they'd let us know how/what "restrictor" they put in to keep the back pressure up.
  14. Rich450L

    My CRF450L Build

    The Zeta triple clamp hand guard mounts work better. Let me know if you order them, I have a set of the "extended" M8 X 1.25 X 70MM bolts to make them work w/ the CRF. Will mail them to you for the cost of shipping. I'm in Washington, so easy to send.
  15. Rich450L

    Front Sprocket

    And of course the Honda fiche doesn’t show alternate gears.