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    Steve's contact info; smartvwise@gmail.com
    Rode MX for 4-6yrs growing up but Dad did most of the maintenance; recently rode a friend's bike and realized how much I missed it, so a week ago bought a '93 xr250dualsport and I am so stoked, but the bike needs some work before I can take her out, and I wanna learn how to work on the bike now that Dad's gone, but want solid advice from veteran riders; Riding-again soon I hope; Former Competitive Ski Racer, Snowboarder, Wake Boarder, Golfer, Musician-Drums, Keys, Songwriter. Getting married to the best lady in the world, 1st to actually be cool with me doing dude stuff, think she likes the free oil changes.

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  1. Wondering if my '93 xr250 will be ok with a 12v 4amp battery, if the specs are 12v 3amp?
  2. hey thanks, sent you an email n hopin you got it...wanna get this electrical thing worked out so I can go ridin again...am jonesin' so bad I am startin to get grumpy.
  3. Have searched everywhere to find shop manuel for my 1993 xr250LS but no luck, wiring was a ratty mess when I bought it used and I need to re-wire the LED tail/brake/signal/and plate illuminator lights and having a few problems figuring it out. Other than that, I love this under powered bike, at 53yrs old, its fine for me...just want to ride again! thanks, steve
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