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  1. 18CRF450RX

    MX pants for thick thighs?

    I have the FXR’s my waist is a 38 and I find they fit perfect in the thighs. Try them as well.
  2. 18CRF450RX

    Honda Unveils 2018 CRF450R, CRF450RX

    Just to add, I bought mine as winter started here and I haven’t had a chance to ride it yet.
  3. 18CRF450RX

    Honda Unveils 2018 CRF450R, CRF450RX

    How does everyone who has the 450Rx like them? Are they good for tight trails or just open trails? I already bought an 18 450RX but curious what the people who actually own them think. Thanks
  4. 18CRF450RX

    Endless Options I'm lost...

    I am in Barrie. It’s going to be a long winter. Lol! Bike is sitting in my garage with a blanket on it.
  5. 18CRF450RX

    Endless Options I'm lost...

    Hi Bruno I am just getting back into it as well. I was initially set in the Yamaha YZ 250X. But I was in my local Honda dealer and came across a 2018 CRF450RX. The price was right. So I bought it. If I were you look at the Yamaha. I know the 450RX will be a handful for me but I will hopefully get the hang of it. I am also in Ontario and will be riding the Simcoe County trails.
  6. 18CRF450RX

    2018 Honda 450 RX

    Mostly open trails and the odd track day.
  7. 18CRF450RX

    2018 Honda 450 RX

    I just bought one. I haven’t ridden it yet since there is snow on the ground here. I’ll let you know in the spring time. Lol
  8. 18CRF450RX

    CRF450RX Pics?

    Here is another one of my 18
  9. 18CRF450RX

    Thinking about buying a 2017 crf450rx.

    I just bought a leftover 2018 450RX. I rode it down the road and then put it away. It’s cold and crap here in Ontario Canada. Looking forward to an early spring!
  10. 18CRF450RX

    CRF450RX Pics?

    Thanks, I just got it, and i can’t wait to get on it and ride.
  11. 18CRF450RX

    CRF450RX Pics?

    A couple more pics
  12. 18CRF450RX

    CRF450RX Pics?

    Just picked this up today. Been reading the posts, just finally registered. A lot of great info on here!