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  1. Steffy_weffy

    CRF450L Aftermarket Exhaust Options?

    I love the bike but part of the fun of a dual sport is the classic thumper sound. I'm impatiently waiting for the aftermarket to catch up
  2. Steffy_weffy

    Rear sprocket

    Yeah sorry forgot to mention that. 17x5
  3. Steffy_weffy

    Rear sprocket

    Warp 9 has a 20% off sale right now and I'm planning on buying a set of rims. My only question is what size rear sprocket would you run. I'm thinking of going smaller to make the bike better on the freeway.
  4. Steffy_weffy

    2019 Honda CRF450L Pictures & Video

    Final price after taxes is $10,68.94 couldn't believe it. The bike was already marked down when I told them I was serious about buying they took an extra 500 off
  5. Steffy_weffy

    2019 Honda CRF450L Pictures & Video

    Picking it on Saturday can't wait $10,000 out the door