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  1. 2005 crf450r Few weeks ago I was out riding the desert and snapped my clutch lever while out on a long ride. I started slam shifting/ hard shifting the rest of the ride until we got into town and I was able to buy a new clutch lever. While heading back to camp riding 5th gear pinned the back wheel suddenly locked up and the engine died as I slid to a stop. I could not find neutral but I was able to start the bike holding the clutch in (holding the clutch in did not free up the back wheel though). Somehow 1st gear was the only gear that worked. 2-5 gear the engine would die when i released the clutch. I rode all the way back to camp in 1st gear. Clutch felt fine and engine/tranny ran smooth (1st gear). Back at home did a basic left right side engine inspection finding no issues. Fast forward to today I have the cases split and still do not see anything wrong. I have not had the free time to sit down and thoroughly inspect everything since the problem occurred, I have only done a quick look through of all the internal parts but I do not see any obvious issues. Nothing chipped, cracked, bent etc and no metal shavings in oil or inside cases. Clutch seems fine, shift shaft seems straight, shift forks look fine. This is the first bottem end I have disassembled. Done plenty of other bike maintenance and am familiar with service Manuel I'd appreciate any help or input thanks.