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  1. Clutch44

    2008 YZ250 flooding issue

    They're cheap. If there is any wear on that needle I would replace it just to make sure
  2. Clutch44

    2016 YZ250 Jetting HELP!! Need Expert Advice

    Maybe go back to stock settings and start from there. They always seemed to run good for me stock at that temp but I was in a very humid environment.
  3. Cool videos man! Must have taken forever to change all those camera angles.
  4. Clutch44

    Lets talk underwear

    I had some that didn't cover the top of the thigh as well, long story short I caught a foot peg leaving a bruise the size of a basketball. I'm going to order these today!
  5. Clutch44

    2019 sx seat firmness

    If you didn't want to get new foam, some under shorts come padded in the rear.
  6. Clutch44

    YZ250X Engine Mods???

    According to my mechanic, not to aggressive . 055 squish and 20.8 volume. I just like how it barks right off the bottom.
  7. Clutch44

    2017 300 xc lost power, boggy. Need help.

    Check the power valve.
  8. Clutch44

    YZ250X Engine Mods???

    That looks pretty sweet!
  9. Clutch44

    YZ250X Engine Mods???

    Unless you have a milled head. This is a topic about motor mods after all.­čśŐ
  10. Clutch44

    "O Ring" for Gas Tank...

    I would just order an oem petcock if it was mine.
  11. Clutch44

    "O Ring" for Gas Tank...

    It's been 12 years since I had my 06 250xcw, but I can tell you the petcock did not look like that. As far as the tank goes, I'm not too sure if that's oem or not. If it the tank and the cap are oem, then it would leak out of the cap unless you put a plumbing gasket on. That's all I got. Hope it helps.
  12. Clutch44

    YZ250X Mod Comparison

    that's interesting. Was the jetting off after you changed to the rk tek? The way I feel my motor works with the modified head is the low gets replaced by the mid. Like as soon as you crack the throttle it wants to go. There is no working through a sluggish low end.
  13. Clutch44

    YZ250X Engine Mods???

    I didn't see it move. Maybe I wasn't watching close enough.
  14. Clutch44

    Those cheap ~$20 ebay footpegs

    I did see some that looked exactly like the flo's for around 35. But man, you could pay me to be the guinea pig. I bought the real flo's instead.
  15. Clutch44

    YZ250X Engine Mods???

    It sounds like they gave you just what you asked for. I don't know if this helps, but these are the spec head volumes per manual. yz250x, (23.45-23.75) Yz250, (21.35-21.65) I had mine done to 20.8 because I wanted it to be aggressive. But that's the beauty of it, you can have it done to fit the type of performance you want!