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  1. cafeteria_food

    Looking for Good Moab Singletrack

    I just got back from Moab - wish I had seen this post prior to going! I struggled to find Avenza maps because I was limiting myself to MVUM maps from the Forest Service. Downloading for future use!
  2. cafeteria_food

    heading to trail 349 and possibly explore around on 11/29

    This is Rainbow Falls area near Woodland Park? If I wasn't working I would totally join! Have fun.
  3. cafeteria_food

    What Have You Done To Your KTM Today?

    New chain and sprockets. Split my pipe in the freezer trying to pop-out dents
  4. cafeteria_food

    Bike leaking fuel out of carb vent hoses (Solution)

    Pulled my carb apart and adjusted the floats down last weekend. No more overflow after steep descents or when the bike is slightly tipped over.
  5. cafeteria_food

    Pipes scalvini or fmf

    I just pulled the trigger on an FMF Fatty yesterday. I was between the Fatty and the Gnarly but there are lots of reports of losing too much top end with the Gnarly. I'll report back after I get a ride in.
  6. cafeteria_food

    Is a 300xc too much for me?

    As others have stated, the 300 can be as mild or wild as you want it... It feels like it weighs next to nothing in the woods and they can easily be found on Craigslist this time of year (people looking for quick xmas cash)