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  1. Where do you live? I’ll sell you a KTM 300xc with suspension tuned for 220 for 5,500 haha. Bar risers too so it would be perfect
  2. I’ll try and keep this simple not drawn out, it’s a KTM, 2014 300xc. It idles great when you start it bud if you rev it up it takes it a while to decrease back down to idle. (1-2 sec) when you put it in gear the bike runs as should. Except when I pull in the clutch the revs increase so much it’s hard to shift into gear. (If im standing still) same if I’m riding and I want to pause and take a break, I pull in the clutch and it revs to the moon. It has a recluse clutch in it.
  3. UPDATE: forget to reply to this thing, I bought a 2004 400EX that didn’t run for 500$. Put new gas in it, runs like new. Also recently picked a 2014 300XC 100 original hours (got proofs) with a top end since then. Got a whole bunch of aftermarket stuff, (recluse, steering stabilizer etc.) for 4800. Also still got my RM125 that’s blown, need to save up some money before I get it fixed tho haha
  4. Wait wait wait.. what’s Telstra? Never heard of that carrier lol
  5. Thanks for the helpfulness, I know a decent amount about working on bikes, I’ve got an RM125 with split cases in the garage now. I agree completely with riding with your dad making memories while you still can. Just had a close friends dad get hit by a semi on the road while he was driving a small tractor down the other side, trucker dropped his e cigarette and crossed the center line when he picked it up. Really got me thinking about spending time with parents as much as possible.
  6. 16 year olds buying new bikes probably aren't concerned with depreciation. Rhymes with frust tund. On the contrary, that’s what I’m most concerned about. And no ‘trust fund’ here, tbh I don’t know what that is, just that it gives kids money I think. I have worked for everything I own since the age of 12, my truck, quad, current dirt bike, and moped. And I even pay insurance and phone bills
  7. Thanks for the advice guys, i would rather have a ktm I think but I couldn’t afford one new, but a yami I could. As for why I didn’t want to buy a used bike, I ride with my dad and we both work 5-6 days a week, and plus I have schoolwork so not a lot of time to work on a bike, I wanted something that didn’t have problems right when I got it, that way I would be able to ride with my dad as I don’t know how much longer I would be able to.
  8. 16, just saved up enough to be able comfortably buy a 2019 YZ250X. I will put quite a bit on cash down and finance the rest, it won’t be expensive to do so. They got the bike listed on their site for 6,499 which I think is a good deal. Anyways, my question being IF they come out with e start on their 2020 YZ250X would it decrease the value of my bike a whole lot? And how reasonable would it be to trade in my 19 on a 20? Would I loose my butt horrible in the deal? I know it depends on the dealership but just wanting insight. What would taxes be like? I know everyone says dealerships rip off people who trade in, but would it be that bad on a bike that was bought a couple months earlier?
  9. Thanks. Might be because the neutral light doesn’t work.
  10. Just picked up a 2004 400 ex for 500$. As I got it home and was looking I found this random wire hanging down, (circled in red) it obviously doesn’t go there and was wondering what the heck it is? Also the spot circled in green there’s a little bit of exposed wire, is this a problem when washing? Is there anything I should know before washing the bike?
  11. I’m aware of that, but it has fork adjusting dials on the top of the forks so I can tune it easily when riding woods or a f I go to the track
  12. That’s what I’ve been thinking, and I work full time with my father so I will have more money for suspension and such in the future
  13. (16, intermediate rider, 6’2, 190 with gear, rode every cc bike out but coming from a 125) What terrain do I ride? Uhm everything. Motocross track, backyard mx track, back yard hare scramble, and building an endurocross track rn, got trails, and I go to off road parks which have hill climbs. Oh and fairground supercross races. Budget : can go up to 4K I guess but really don’t want to spend that much. As I’m buying a quad later this year. Thought about the yz 250 2 stroke. But everyone I ride with has one, and my dad has 2 Yamahas. And my brother has a Yamaha, I kinda want to be different. There’s a guy that’s selling a 2015 TC250 with a couple small things done to it. For 3900,(really been thinking about that one) again I don’t really want to spend that much but I can, plus parts for them are expensive. I would get a 250F but there’s the whole buying a used four stroke thing that scares me, they’re low resale factor, and hard to start when hot. (Yes even efi) would really appreciate your input. Thanks guys
  14. Thanks guys. I’ll let you know if I ever get this done, haha been so busy!
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