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  1. Kit*

    DR-Z IMS Tank Fail

    Ditto. The customer support at IMS is pretty great though - maybe try the squeaky wheel approach;)
  2. Kit*

    drz400s re-jet?

    I had a similar problem while restoring my S. While your jets might be clean, your pilot circuit's a primary suspect. Be sure the channel in your carb body connecting you fuel mixture screw and you pilot jet is clear. Blow with air or carb cleaner. At that, it's worth cleaning/investigating the port where your fuel mixture screw draws air. Another problem may be your throttle stop. If it's overly open/holding the valve more open than need be, it's taking vacuum away from the fuel mixture port at the other end of your carb. Try scfewing your throttle stop out, closing the valve all the way. Then you'll draw more gas to you pilot jet... Hope this helps
  3. Kit*

    What did you BUY for your DRZ today

    Slapped on an SGD tall seat yesterday and it's been a world of difference! If you're over 6', I'd highly recommend a tall seat. Feels much less like I'm perched atop my bike, the geometry offers more control to pivot my weight.
  4. I've also seen a handful of UFO options on amazon.
  5. Kit*

    IMS 3.2 on 400s

    I have the IMS 3.2 tank on my S and haven't had any problems with fitting etc. It's well designed, sturdy and customer support at IMS is excellent as well. I'm currently running a Raptor petcock to avoid gas leaks, but my stock petcock fit just as well.
  6. Kit*

    Motocross helmet as a street helmet?

    There’re also a handful of enduro helmets that might satisfy your urge for a motocross helmet without compromising a shield. Check out LS2’s Pioneer helmet for ex[emoji1362]
  7. Kit*

    Suzuki DR-Z400S 2005

    the daily-driver
  8. Kit*

    My new 1993 DR350S doesn't start, yet :)

    Really cool bike⚙️[emoji298]️ Good luck!
  9. Good to know! Thx[emoji1362]
  10. Kit*

    making the stock exhaust louder

    Thx for the word. I think I'll enjoy my S as is until I feel like purchasing a full system....perhaps an endcap isn't worth the money
  11. Much appreciated guys, thx. I wasn't expecting an endcap to bump performance, so messing with the sound's a bit novel. Perhaps not be worth the money. I appreciate your feedback. My S model's already jetted with a JD stage 1 kit, and 3x3. Already having loads of fun! I'm happy relishing in what I have for now.
  12. It feels silly but I'm tempted to play with the sound on my bike a little bit. I'm in no rush to purchase a full system, I'm really enjoying the bike as is. BUT...anyone have any suggestions on aftermarket endcaps for the stock can? PMB has few. Suggestions on a model for the right fitment? Thx
  13. Kit*

    making the stock exhaust louder

    What billet tip model works on the stock exhaust? Thx
  14. Kit*

    Stock Dog bone length?

    @SheWantsThe D-RZ Are your stock dog bones still available?

    • WANTED
    • Used - Good

    Looking for the stock passenger/buddy pegs for my drz400. Open to offers if you have a pair you're willing to part with. Thanks!


    Berkeley, CA