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  1. Hi guys Have just posted this on the beta forum so hope you don't mind me copying it here as well. Basically, I managed to get the bike running again after it stopped altogether (still do not know what caused the fuel pump to stop priming) but now have a mysterious new problem which is occurring and hoping that somebody might have some suggestions for me to try. Bike is running fine, could be for a few hours, engine starting/stopping ok, stop engine to enjoy view etc, start engine back up, bikes tick over/idle speed now at 3000 rpm? Ride for a while and gradually tick over/idle speed returns to normal. Most times on start up its fine but sometimes this happens (This happened twice last ride out) so its an intermittent problem. Anybody any ideas or suggestions as to what to check. FYI ,I already have the race loom installed and have the upgraded diode pack from the dealer installed Thanks in advance Jonesy