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  1. Utah_2T

    Beta quality slipping?

    I've been back and forth on looking at a 250x but after 6 Yamahas, I thought I might try something different. I am thinking I would like an e-start. I also had a kicker shaft snap on me and Yamaha hasn't made any changes on their new bikes.
  2. Utah_2T

    Beta quality slipping?

    Thanks for all the input....great group. I haven't ridden a Beta yet, but plan on doing so soon. It appeared to me that Barry has been a "pro Beta" person and generally has good things to say about them so I was surprised by the tone of the video. Thanks for the alternate view of his videos. I'm not concerned with working on the bike, I am mechanically inclined having built and flown a homebuilt aircraft and wrenched on race cars for nearly 2 decades. I just retired 5 months ago and I would rather ride than continually be fixing things. ALL dirt bikes require enough maintenance, I just don't care to be doing continuous repairs if the bike has constant quality problems. I disassemble and go through all my new bikes so lose nuts and bolts don't bother me. The input here sounds more like assembly issues and not overall subpar material issues with the exception of the forks. I was under the impression that the OC forks have the same anodizing issues, is this not the case? I would also consider the standard RR model, but than I would have to deal with the OI issue. Thanks again for the guidance!
  3. Utah_2T

    Beta quality slipping?

    Hello Group, I've been a long time lurker but here's my first post. I have ridden Yamahas (YZ250's) for the last 20 years but Beta has intrigued me more and more. I have been following this group and have watched all of Barry's informative vids. I am a little alarmed at one of his latest vids stating the decline in quality control of their bikes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iiupJjNW88w&t=0s starts at 3:42 if you haven't seen it. I am interested in a 250 RR Race edition and am aware of the anodizing issues on both the OC and CC forks. Is it too early to tell if the 2019's have solved the fork issue? How much should I budget to have the anodizing done correctly. I would have it done at the same time I send the forks in for a revalve and resprung for my weight. Who does the best job on the anodizing? How are the electrics on the Race editions holding up? It would seem the schematics would be much simpler since they don't have oil injection or lighting systems. Lastly, what would be a fair price on a 2018 leftover or am I just better off getting a 2019 and hoping the quality control is better? Thank you for your insight.