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  1. I'll set an alert on my iphone calendar. Side note, I wonder what Jace has been up to?
  2. Ryan Huffman

    Dual Sport for $2000 USD?

    TTR250 if you can find one in your neighborhood? Not street legal most likely, but depending on your state, it should be easy to do. Or an XR?
  3. Ryan Huffman

    Duct Tape Shootout!

    Gaffers tape
  4. Ryan Huffman

    2019 Beta 125 RR-S Dual Sport - First Look

    I really kind of want this bike for my first off road bike. My buddy (who is more experienced off-road) keeps telling me that this is way too little power and I'll be bored. Well, I dunno, but an uncorked wr250F send me over the bars a couple month ago, so....... Looks damn sexy and affordable, that's for sure.
  5. Ryan Huffman

    Race Gas - Race Fuel Concentrate

    To reply to the original comment, Race Gas Concentrate works well in a pinch. I carry a can on my modified Harley as I live in NV and you can end up with low octane gas, high temps, and pinging. I've used it maybe twice in a few years. It's not something I'd rely on day to day- for that, buy VP. But it does work when you get caught in a pinch. Without a doubt.
  6. Ryan Huffman

    Bar bend and elbow pain?

    What are you having surgery on and what is your diagnosis?
  7. Ryan Huffman

    CRF250F maybe fixed

    Not much of a joke if you have to explain it. But cool, man.
  8. Ryan Huffman

    what armor do you use for offroading?

    Well, I just ordered the Fox Titan Sport Jacket (I HOPE TO GAWD THAT IS THE EXACT CORRECT NAME). Took a pretty nasty trip over the bars while in the rocky NV desert. Nary a scratch.
  9. Ryan Huffman

    Increasing Grip size for Elbow Tendinitis???

    I hate to beat a dead horse, but go back to my posts. And also, one of the recent posts that talks about it taking time. It does. Sorry to sound like a know-it-all, but I don't know a lot, but I know tendons, muscles and ligaments well.
  10. Ryan Huffman

    Another what bike thread.....

    You are correct about Nevada being easy to plate a dirt bike. Just have to jump thru a few hoops. My instincts say to either go a cheap, used route of a XT, 230F, or similar trail bike to get my feel wet. Or I would just jump into a 250-450 KTM, Honda, Yammie. I have a truck to bring the bike to wherever I want to ride if I wanted to. I do foresee wanted to eventually do some longer multi-day trips out here in the desert as well, but best bet I feel like is to just get comfortable first. Thanks for your suggestions. I know I have probably 6-9 months to mull this over, unless I sell one of my Harley's to free up some cash. I'm inclined to just add a bike and not subtract any
  11. Ryan Huffman

    Another what bike thread.....

    I've been eye-balling the 230F. Why the WR-F vs the WRR? And don't bust my balls too much, my 2003 Road King puts down 130 HP/130 TQ. Not huge in the world of sportbikes, but not too shabby in the world of PIGS.
  12. Ryan Huffman

    Another what bike thread.....

    My instinct says that I want something more dirt orientates or trail bike orientated. I don't see wanting a 450 pound plus ADV bike ala KLR, Tiger, etc. And yes, I would be open to plating a dirt bike. I would prefer one to have options to make seat time more comfy, etc. tho. My gut says WRR as it checks the boxes I *think* I'd like, at least off the bat. I worry about the lack of power though. Not lack of power right way, maybe, but I don't know if I want to drop the added coin for the WRR if I'm moving up in a year.
  13. 1. What is your skill Level (be honest)? Novice on the dirt. I'm 38. Rode a bit (like 10 hours) of trail bike in my teens. I've ridden street bikes for a good 15 years though. 2. What's your height & weight? 5'11" and 205 on a good day. Hopefully, that should be going down to 190 here soon. 3. What year, make, & model of motorcycle are you coming from? I ride a couple of Harley touring bikes. I have owned FZ1, etc over the years as well. 4. What's your ballpark budget? $2500-5000 5. What types of terrain will you be riding? I live in Las Vegas. What I hope to do is a mix of terrain. I'm not sure exactly what I'll like. I know from years of snowmobiling though, that I won't want to do boring riding long-term. I was a fairly aggressive (but safe/smart rider) snowmobiling. I envision a mix of dual sport, with probably the end goal being moderate single track at worst. 6. Will you be racing or just play riding? Play riding. Seeing the desert. Having some fun and speed. I am taking a Jimmy Lewis course for a weekend coming up this March, so I'm sure that will give me a better idea as well.
  14. Ryan Huffman

    Increasing Grip size for Elbow Tendinitis???

    TT- Keep at it. Limit other activity as much as you can that exacerbates the issue. I don't really like elbow braces (the ones that are like an inch think that go a bit below the elbow, but they can ASSIST in relieving tension at the insertion point. I wouldn't use them all the time. Actually, sparingly. I used one for parts of the day when on a long motorcycle trip with lots of clutching. And yes, increasing the grip size will help relieve some of the pain you experience because you will use less force to grip. I would do that. And tendinitis in the elbow definitely can be a result of issues in the shoulder, usually weak rotator cuff muscles. You can look to add internal and external exercises for those muscles to help strengthen them. It's worth a shot and usually they are weak anyway. It only takes 5-7 mins a day. Do them a few times a week IMO. Whatever you do, keep at the Thera-Bar exercises. Don't overdo it. Have a plan. Something like morning and night. Start with X number of reps. Then the next day, aim to add 1-2 reps (TOPS). Slow and steady. And I really would look into prolotherapy if it doesn't start to improve in the next 4 weeks. I live in Las Vegas myself. Not too far from you! Good luck. Any other questions, I'm happy to help. Tennis elbow sucks. But it's beatable.