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  1. kuntah

    Yoshimura exhaust installed!

    Sick. Vortex time then?
  2. kuntah

    Removing Radiator Fluid tank

    I agree, unless the bike is going to be race only, keep the tank. Honda did a good job with it's design, it's not that heavy and it's very low down.
  3. kuntah

    CRF450L build; 450RX plastics conversion

    @Benaychenko I got a chance to sir on a 2019 r, and at least to my thighs it felt the same, I think the frame is where the extra width is, possibly making a little more room for the 6 speed tranny.
  4. kuntah

    CRF450L build; 450RX plastics conversion

    Interesting build, from what I understand the x shares the platform but the r and rx might be slightly narrower, I'd be interested to see how the L runs with the R airbox, It honestly might be to lean being unrestricted. Could definitely help bring the power up when vortex releases their ecm.
  5. kuntah

    Zeta flashers for handguard

    I think that's the video OP mentioned my diagram is basically the same, just better drawn
  6. kuntah

    Zeta flashers for handguard

    12 o clock labs make an adapter, I can't speak to that one since I've never used it. You also might want to get a fixed rate flasher for the signals, I noticed that the flash interval sped up a little. It doesn't bother me so I left mine stock.
  7. kuntah

    Zeta flashers for handguard

    Alright so going into this, there are a couple things you need to understand. To make this work you need a pair of 5 pin relays. I based the diagram off of a r3177 relay because it's what I had on hand, I dont have the part number but when I did mine I used a relay with a smaller form factor. When the key is in the run position you get 12 volt constant to the running lights, when the flasher is on the running wire cuts off and shows open circuit. The way this circuit works when the key is on the relay is powered on and current passes from pin 87 to pin 30, when the flasher is activated power is cut to pin 86 and the relay closes, letting the flasher wire on pin 87a connect to pin 30. I wired it like this so that the relay is not constantly opening and closing when the flashers are on. Your going to need a multi-meter to do the install, the left side has an orange wire for running and a orange with white for flasher. On my bike the right side had identical green wires for both. Most of the connection are rather straight forward, the ground side I crimped both wires into a single spade connector, the running was a little harder. Cut a 2" piece of wire, crimp a spade connector to one end and crimp the other end and the running wire into a second spade.
  8. kuntah

    Zeta flashers for handguard

    I can't describe it now since I'm on the way to a trouble call, but if no-one posts anything in an hour or so I'll draw up a diagram you can follow. What you don't want to do is wire them with out a relay, I tried that first when I did my bike, the running side of the circuit will back feed to the turn signal indicator lamp and keep it on.
  9. kuntah

    CRF450L Flameout?

    I can +1 that, I'm at 434 and haven't had a flameout for about 100 miles.
  10. kuntah

    Richen up?

    I don't like it, it looks like it connects inline with the air intake temp sensor and produces a false signal to richen the bike up, since it just reading that its gonna richen it up across the board regardless of rpm or load. It's like a bandaid one size fits all deal, it doesn't know if your bike is stock or has a complete exhaust and intake setup. I would save your money and wait for a real tuner to be released.
  11. kuntah

    G2 Throttle tamer for CRF450L

    I love my 450l, but coming from carbed bikes the very light switch feel of the throttle put me off. G2 dosent have a listing for a tamer for the 450l, so i ordered one for a X. Just put it in today and it feels like an improvment, but not quite as smooth as my old drz. It makes me wonder if the way these bikes are tuned so lean from the factory, whenever a tuner comes out if richening it up a bit would help smooth out the off idle kick i keep feeling. As a side note on removing grips, they are glued on but the glue is so weak i managed to blow the grip off with an air compressor no prob.
  12. kuntah

    CRF450L Flameout?

    according to their website they already have, they have both the X and CX listed. im buying one for my L the second i have enough cash on hand.
  13. kuntah

    CRF 450L power comander

    i wanted to, but it was sold out wherever i looked. keep in mind to that you probably wont see much at all unless you put some work into uncorking it at the same time.