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  1. More or less. I suppose kind of depends by what metric you are using. I think a better blanket statement is more like age 18-22.
  2. You're the one who said he didn't have stock engine because of the factory
  3. They let them carry suspension in suitcases...why wouldn't they allow stock engine. Call and get the skinny for us
  4. What? When where? He is going to win 2020
  5. Yeah doesn't seem like much support when they are carrying suspension in suitcases. Maybe smoking weed like Reed is the way to go!
  6. He is going to rock it!! Is he on 450s now?? Or just paris?
  7. I think Joey is going to have a number of podium finishes this season.
  8. I feel for him. I used to detune my bikes to fit my riding style. Why is this Paris supercross on youtube all in French?? And where are the big names? Hmmm
  9. Not sure to what degree you are asking. Ricky Carmichael's stuff isn't worth that much. Put Damon Bradshaw stuff on ebay and see what you get. Damon who? It's just the nature of the sport in the grand scheme of things. No one cares. Just my opinion. Sorry if I missed something (CW 2020 Supercross Champ)
  10. Is rekluse making a basket like Barnett had now? I have used the Barnett with no issues. You can even replace the inserts!!
  11. What is the bet you are baiting?
  12. And I dont want to rag on them too much as my middle class parents spoiled my sister and I who are now both in our 40s...but I NEVER acted like they do in videos. Questionable hygiene and acting like slobs etc Wheres the next video?? Lol I got sick of watching Deegan videos lol. Awesome...daughter can drive a car, sweet. I think I am just jealous ­čśč
  13. I think the reason I care for their machines is because I love vintage ATCs and dirt bikes...not super vintage yet...more like in the 80s. And to come across nice specimens that have not been jacked with by knuckle heads like this is hard. Plus I wish I kept my 2 strokes from mid 90s Kind of hurts my feelings to wonder what happened to my old rides. I have a new rockstar 450 and might be in a position to not need to sell bikes anymore. If I stick with the sport I have tentative plan to buy new every 3 yrs and keep old. Who knows. I might go on mission of nationwide craigslist searches to find old rides early to mid 90s of xr100, kx80, cr80, cr125, and cr250. My sister and I had ATC 110 new 1985 and I still have it to this day ­čśü Excuse ramble Yeah those sprinters are 60+k. I have decided on good old fashion gm van. New small diesel.
  14. I am sure they figured out how to mess up install
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