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    690 oil lose

    This year I installed the KTM orange anodized oil filler cap and I've had absolutely no leaking anymore. Last year there was always a lot of oil residue around and below the stock plastic filler cap. I've been monitoring my oil level and it looks like this might have been the cause of all my oil loss issues from last year.
  2. This would also work for you. Warp 9 supermoto side stand. I'm using it now while my 690 is in supermoto mode. Great quality.
  3. Yeah that's what I really want, but I've determined that I can't put a hitch on my car. There is one option, but then it's a class 1 hitch which means I have to use some kind of trailer instead of the hitch rack. Definitely no room in my garage for a trailer, even the compact ones that stand up.
  4. I wanted to throw one more bike into this. What are the thoughts on the WR250R? My main concern is that it weighs almost 300lb. My 690 is already about 340 so will the Yamaha basically be the same situation off road?
  5. Yeah recently I've been wishing I had a truck! I traded my SUV last year for the car I currently have. Starting to regret that decision.
  6. Haha yeah. But in this case it's not even the money. They would have to cut a hole in my rear bumper to attach the hitch. The car looks so nice the way it is so I'm trying to avoid doing this!
  7. I'm liking this idea a lot, but putting a hitch on my car is looking like a difficult process.
  8. I appreciate all the time everyone has put into their responses. I prefer something that I could ride on the street. The nearest off road place, which is mostly single track, is about 40 miles away and mostly 60mph two lane roads. After that the places are about an hour and a half away using major highways. If I have to, I could try to figure out how to put a hitch on my car and get an off road only bike. Difficult from what I've seen though. I will most likely keep my 690, so I'm willing to get a used bike for this one. I want to stay under $10k. Much less would be even better since it would likely be a second bike. The CRF230 that was suggested looks great since it's so cheap even new, but I'm just worried that I might be too heavy for it? Or look goofy haha.
  9. Yes I think the 500 will be it. My only hesitation was having no ABS for street riding.
  10. Haha yeah. I'm wondering if the 500 exc will be just as good as a non street legal bike like a 250 SX. I figure that if I use a rack like that, then I have more bike options for off road. I suck off road with the 690.
  11. Ok so if I decided to use a rack like that and didn't need a street legal bike, you think the 500exc would be best for me still? I never thought I'd like one, but kind of interested in the 250 SX. Are two strokes any good? For my heavy weight?
  12. I forgot that the 500 exc doesn't have ABS. I like having this for all the street riding I do. Do most people not think it's a big deal to not have ABS? Yeah that's a weird sentence.
  13. I was considering the 350, but I think it was basically the same weight and price as a 500 so I'm not too sure about it.
  14. 1. What is your skill Level (be honest)? Off road: Beginner/Novice Street: Intermediate+ 2. What's your height & weight? 5'10" 200lb 3. What year, make, & model of motorcycle are you coming from? And, what do you want the new bike to do better? Currently on a 2018 KTM 690 Enduro R that's been converted to supermoto. Want something much easier to handle off road, but still street legal. 4. What's your ballpark budget? I'd like to stay under $10k, but will go higher if I have to. 5. What types of terrain will you be riding? Mostly single track is available "near" me. I tried with the 690 and I really sucked at it. Looking for something smaller and lighter. But the nearest off road places are at least an hour away so I need something street legal and decent on the street. No room at my house for a trailer. 6. Will you be racing or just play riding? Play riding.
  15. From what I've read, hard acceleration and braking in a straight line warms up the whole tire because it flexes the carcass. It's not the contact with the ground that warms up the tire, but the flex. And it works for me.