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    KLR parts

    So it wouldn't hurt to get 13164, 39133, and 12046 (the three gears) but what I'm looking to replace is the gear on the crankshaft. It comes as the whole crankshaft on the kawa diagrams, hence me trying to find out about pressing the part off. I just got a mule who said they'd take down a whole crank though so looks like I'm in luck, now I just need a pre-08 in better condition than mine.
  2. Blake El Explorador

    KLR parts

    2002, I thought the parts were interchangeable from that year on forward save the stator though? Currently eyeing some crankshafts on ebay and a few 2012s seem to be in the best condition.
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    Howdy! Hoping someone out there has a crankshaft in good condition and the tools to press off the balancer gear. I'll buy the whole crank, obviously, its just the cost of shipping to peru that necessitates separating the parts. Also need a clutch basket, and hell if the price is right might even take a look at buying the other two balancer gears. Cheers!


    - CA

  4. Blake El Explorador

    KLR parts

    Hey everyone! Stuck in Peru with the balancer chain eating my engine case, need parts urgently. I'm trying to see if I can find a parts KLR and someone willing to press off the balancer gear for me. Shipping a whole crankshaft down is prohibitively expensive unfortunately so hopefully someone can help me out with a contact, I can even get the crank off ebay and ship it over to anyone. I'm meeting family for christmas so they can bring the part down for me. Thanks for any leads and cheers from Cusco.