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  1. sorbales

    GPX FSE250e first impressions.

    Did some riding today, you could say. The good news is I don't have to wash my gear because I didn't break a sweat. The reason is the bike didn't last long enough for that to happen. First climb. Come to a stop on a slope, try to shift the bike over, lose balance, and bail. The bike falls on the side and slides a couple of feet. No biggie, happens all the time. Go to pick it up... Everything is broken lol Are the bars supposed to do this? lol https://imgur.com/a/gkW5zIS
  2. sorbales

    My daughter is enjoying her klx140g

    I would just get Tusk bar risers for $20 and not have to mess with swapping controls.
  3. sorbales

    GPX FSE250e first impressions.

    I've received the bike today. Spent most of the day assembling and breaking in. I gotta say, I'm a bit underwhelmed after all of the hype. It's not 90% of a KTM for 40% of the price. It's more like 60% of a KTM. Yes, many important components are beefy, machined parts: axles, links, fork clamps. But there are stamped and bent pieces with sharp edges throughout: front fender mount, exhaust pipe mounts, skid mount (the skid itself is quite flimsy), cable guides, battery bracket. Foot pegs have excessive play, IMO. And while there are many fancy aluminum, dual-tool bolts on the bikes, there is a mixture of cheap, high Zinc bolts as well, with inconsistent head sizes and lengths inappropriate for application (mostly way too long). Frame guards above foot pegs only mount with 1 bolt and a zip tie (KTM uses 3 bolts and a zip tie), so they bulge away from the frame in the middle. The air filter frame is still defective (bows in the wrong direction). Plastics in general don't look or feel on par with KTM (this was surprising. I thought, surely, the Chinese could get the plastics right). I understand the 250E is a budget model, so maybe 250Rs are nicer in some places. The major con of most Chinese stuff is here: assembly. Nothing is torqued to spec. Triple clamps were super tight at 1 bolt of each pair (they don't go back and forth to get even torque, they just crank one down then the other, which leaves the first one loose and the 2nd one too tight). Carb drain nuts were loose, and it was dripping fuel. Rear axle must've been torqued to 100ftlbs or more. Rear wheel was on crooked. Chain tensioners were so tight I thought I was going to strip out the threads in the swing arm (they are the are the only 13mm head I've run into on the whole bike, and that size is not present in the included tool set). I have only encountered 2 bolts with thread lock throughout the bike. Oil filter/mesh plug was practically hand tight. Clutch cable was dry. Handlebar support was fastened unevenly. Forks would bind at the top of the stroke for the first 1-2 miles. Hand guards don't attach well to the skinny clutch cable (KTM designed them to zip tie to a thick hydraulic hose), so the left one just kind of flaps around. One subframe bolt (T45), under the seat, has a stripped head and threads (I hope I can get a replacement bolt and bracket from the dealer). The bike clocked in at 270lbs with almost a full tank. The positives are plentiful though. Once bedded in, the brakes are quite good. The bars are really nice. All of the large, billet pieces look good and inspire confidence (although the rough machining is done for cost cutting, the resultant wavy surface is kind of neat). The shifter is meaty - it might split the engine case in half before ever bending. After the break in, the engine starts up very quickly. The seat is soft and grippy, material seems durable. The tank is, well... a tank. It must be 1/4" thick near the filler neck. The fuel cap is well-made but stupid heavy. Frame paint is thorough and consistent. Additional points. Clutch is inconsistent and unpredictable: sometimes it's long and smooth, other times it grabs early and aggressively. I hope this will go away with more use. Benefits of low engine compression are immediately felt when off throttle - it doesn't jerk you around and chain slap in 1st and 2nd. Fuel cut comes up pretty quick when ringing the gears out. I don't know when it cuts but feels like ~8k RPM. Throttle is surprisingly responsive. Gear shifter is vague (couldn't tell, if shifted with sneakers on; might present a problem with boots). The instrument gauge shows current gear - pretty nifty. Clock resets after ignition is off for a few minutes (dead battery?). At the end of the day, I think this bike is priced fairly. It's not a gem at a bargain price. It sounds really good on paper and looks impressive in the pictures. But it all makes sense when you experience it in person. Corner cutting is obvious, mainly in the assembly. But also in the documentation. Or lack thereof. While looking at the substantial, high-res, data-rich KTM manual, I can see that sort of production isn't cheap. That's a huge caveat for the first time bike buyer: no instructions for maintenance, no dimensional specs (you'll have to wing it on fluid types, chain tension, chain wear, brake wear, fluid levels, spoke tension, etc.). Ultimately, even, if a bit disillusioned, I'm still satisfied with the purchase.
  4. sorbales

    GPX FSE250e first impressions.

    When you said "new shipment," did you mean at the local dealer; bikes available for purchase? Do you know how recent said shipment is?
  5. That's not a fair comparison. For the price of a new 250F, you could get a 3yo KTM that would blow every other option out of the water.
  6. sorbales

    GPX FSE250e first impressions.

    I just ordered one 2 days ago. Am I getting the old one?
  7. sorbales

    GPX FSE250e first impressions.

    I don't think the power is inadequate. It just seems unnecessary to bolt watter cooling on to something so detuned.
  8. sorbales

    GPX FSE250e first impressions.

    Pretty weak for a water-cooled 250. Is that motor the same as in the FSE-250R?
  9. sorbales

    GPX FSE250e first impressions.

    @GreenMT_Rider Do you think the rear wheel of the FSE250E would bolt right up to a 2017/2018 250 KTM (I think they all run the same one)?
  10. What's your current weight? I weighed my 150f the other day - 217lbs with a bit over half a tank of fuel. YSS shock and Tust bars cut about 3lbs.
  11. Do this and put a GoPro next to the wheel.
  12. sorbales

    Trouble finding the right rear sprocket

    13/48 will give you 27% lower gearing. Why would you need to go lower than that? Seems ridiculous.
  13. Thanks fellas. I'm taking a pass on this one. He wanted $3k anyway.
  14. The guy says it runs great in the ad. Start talking, the bike now needs "the carb cleaned." I say, clean it, I want to test ride. I'm not going to buy it without seeing it run. A few hours later he says the bike is backfiring and needs a better carb cleaning... Is he full of shit? Backfiring can be a valve issue, right? 2005 CRF450R.
  15. sorbales

    GPX FSE250e ongoing review and test

    Have you considered thinner oil in the suspension instead of a pro revalve? Is there any documentation at all on what fluids to use in the bikes (engine, brakes, forks, shock, etc?).