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  1. Hi everyone! I know there is multiple topics on this but I am looking into buying a very well maintained 06 YFZ450R and I’m not sure if I should do it because all I hear about is the fact that 07 is better because they added the oil mod/nozzle to the crankcase to lube the piston and wrist pin! What are your thoughts?! The bike is flawless imo and looks to be kept up with. Thanks everyone!!!
  2. I have an 08 450R and about 3 days ago I kicked it over and noticed it dripped a drop of coolant out of the weep hole. Never leaked after that one drop of coolant. Just to be sure I pulled it all apart and changed the bearing, both seals and the shaft. I oiled everything with a tiny bit of assembly lube. Well I put it all back together and all the fluids back in and start it and the only thing that came out of the weep hole was a tiny bit of assembly lube. Never leaked anything after that. Is that normal? Or is something still wrong? I need some opinions/advice! Thanks!
  3. Hahah Joe, my jetting is perfect, not too lean and not too rich. I’m just curious to try everything! Im trying to see If a higher octane, thats a cleaner fuel, such as E85 (for cars) will keep the internals cleaner, maybe not running it all the time but just once in a while!
  4. Hmmmm I might have to try out the 108 straight and see what it does for me!
  5. What octane do you run in your stock 450?! Regular 93? Non-ethanol, 91, 87, etc! I’m interested in seeing what you guys run and why?!
  6. Ahhhh that’s good haha! I would definitely try that, one bolt could possibly be loose but I would be willing to probably bet that the gasket is bad. Definitely does not hurt to try to re-torque them though!
  7. Definitely shouldn’t be coolant in there. Check your upper and lower hoses and see if it’s dripping down from the hoses onto the stator cover, if not that try checking the water pump seal. Could be leaking antifreeze from the weep hole that’s how you will know if the water pump is bad.
  8. Hi guys! I just picked up a 2008 CRF450R with only 12 hours on it and it’s basically like brand new condition! I was wonder if anyone had any tips on keeping the frame, stator cover and clutch cover from wearing down from motocross boots besides grip tape! If you know any tips, inform me! Thanks
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