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  1. im overhauling a 07 yzf450 that had a lower rod bearing blow, in turn clocking the oil pump with shavings and destroying it.. my problem is it looks like the outer "Rotor" on the pump is pressed into the right case, if so how do i remove it?
  2. Dan CRF250

    FCR rebuild frustration

    i hate to admit your right:bonk: lol, thank you
  3. Doing typical maintnence i cleaned my carb monday night, it had some crud in it, but nothing too bad, got it spotless, carb cleaner through every hole jet etc, go to start it, no idle, the fuel screw does nothing, so i pull it apart, put all brand new o-rings gaskets, seals etc, put it back on, does the same thing so i upped the piolet jet from the 145 previously in there to a 150, and used my 165 main, still runs rediculously lean on idle, and heats up in a snap, pulled everything back off, including intake books etc, inspected for cracks and BELL RAY waterproof greesed every piece of rubber/sealing serfice possible, mind you this is the 5th time the carb has been off, with a full cleaning involved each direction thrw the jet holes, and it still will not idle, it is clearly an air leak of somesort becauseit will have a high idle, and then stall out any idea on whats going on, something between the two riveted sections of the carb, what can i possibly be missing, it ran perfect befor i "cleaned" it:banghead: thanks in advance, Dan
  4. Dan CRF250

    Heres Ma latest video

    74 i think ive seen you at winchester. you hang out with those canadian pro's right?
  5. Dan CRF250

    Balencer bearings during rebuild

    Deffinitely replace them, my 04's were pretty worn and when i pulled the balencer shaft out the rollers almost fell out of the cage, along with the ball bearing on the other side the ball bearing was toast, just thought i would throw it out there that you should take a hold of your balencer shaft and wiggle it and if there is any more then a little bit, replace them for the most part you would wanna do it everytime you replace your crank IMO:thumbsup:
  6. Dan CRF250

    New MX vid of Me

    kinda made that sound like a mean reply, but im in c too and i found that once i started watching tony lorusso ride, he stands up the whole time other then tucking into a burm, and i notices less fatigue and alot faster when i did stand up
  7. Dan CRF250

    New MX vid of Me

    almost always stand up unless tucking into a corner
  8. Dan CRF250


    tommys a A-H hes wrecked what could have been good
  9. Dan CRF250

    plastic color options?

    orange used to be honda remember, and in 1997 my friend got a MUGEN honda racing plastics and graphics for his CR250 and they were orange, if i could get those graphics for my bike, they would have been on it
  10. Dan CRF250

    losing tranny oil and gaining motor oil

    06 crank seal is the one to use ey? ill go and but that right now
  11. Dan CRF250

    Hell if I know anymore

    i kept my 04 in this same pradicament after last week i pulled hole shot on a few 08's and held second to a sandbagger all weekened its all the rider really i say keep the bike and buy a new one if you can, or ride the 05 out this year since its all new and but an 09 next year, you wont get for it what you have into it if you know what i mean
  12. Dan CRF250

    lets see your bike in anger!!

    heres one of me 2 years ago and then leading by 7 minutes in an enduro
  13. Dan CRF250

    pressing crank bearings

    thanks guys ill deffinitely do the oven truck but problem is is i still have seals in each of my cases, well only the shifter and the main output shaft so i think 400 is a little high no?
  14. Dan CRF250

    XR80 run at LOW oil level.

    my brother accidently ran my XR80 without a drain plug or oil in it for about a half hour, i came home, put the plug in it and put oil in it, didnt find out till i sold it that my brother did that
  15. Dan CRF250

    pressing crank bearings

    i gotta get the old ones out and the new ones in, do i have to take the tranny out of the right side case to get that one out, and also what direction do the bearings come out and how do i know how deep to put the new ones in? doesnt say anything in the manual, i have a 100ton hydro press and a 20 ton manual hydro press, so i have the stuff to get them out just dont know what direction to or what way to put them back in thanks