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  1. dirt_monkey

    The KTM 300 Club

    That is one badass looking bike!
  2. dirt_monkey

    Canadians: What do you do in Winter?

    Love it! The dishwasher makes a great parts washer btw..... 🙄
  3. dirt_monkey

    Chest protector for woods riding?

    Well that was quick - my Leatt 5.5 HD Pro just arrived. First impression is that I much prefer it to the suit-style. It doesn't cover the abdomen (suit style had a kidney belt that kind of did), the chest protection comes down to just above my belly button. The rear seems very well protected, and goes down to the lower back. There are also added plastic pieces on the front of the ribs in addition to the wrap around side protectors. Range of motion is great, and I feel like I could put this either under or over my jersey, it's fairly compact. The shoulder pads that so many reviews complain about are designed the way they are for a reason: adjustability. The strap is sewn to the shoulder piece, and then on the neck side attaches to the piping via a cinch-style plastic piece. This is what people complain about coming off, but it is there because it allows you to slide it along the piping to get the adjustment right for your shoulders. When I first put the protector on, the shoulder pads were behind my shoulders. This quick adjustment put them into place. It seems strong for now, but I can see how it would come detached with aggressive riding. Seems like it would be simple to snap back on. Perhaps the design has changed since all those complaints. Now my only question is the sizing. The shoulder pads still feel very small (maybe I'm just used to hockey equipment). I'm 5'11" and 180lbs ish. All sizing charts say the L/XL should be more than adequate. Looks like there is lots of adjustability to play around with though. The A10 looks like it may offer a bit more plastic padding on the front and some more substantial shoulder pads. I may order it to compare.... isn't the internet great!? Shoutout to FortNine and their quick delivery and 30 day money back guarantees.
  4. dirt_monkey

    Chest protector for woods riding?

    Great discussion topic. Groot - glad you're ok that's one hell of a jousting injury! I have gone back and forth on so many options lately. I ordered the Leatt 5.5 body protector (the suit style one) and am not sold on it yet. First impression was that the suit style has both pros and cons. The pro being it holds the pads in place nicely and the cons being that there's little adjustability given the fixed padding placement on the suit, and I found the suit restricting of motion. I also really don't like the elbow pads that are included (they do zip off, but what's the point of an expensive suit with elbow pads if you have to buy different ones anyway) as they do not "cup" the elbow and feel like they would shift and leave my elbow exposed in a crash. Aside from the restrictive motion, the suit was surprisingly comfortable to wear, although I found the shoulders slightly small and I think there could be a lot more protection offered for such a premium product (chest portion seems narrow, but I guess there's a happy medium between protection and ability to move). I'll add that the kidney belt and lower back support seemed to be a nice feature of this suit style that chest protectors don't seem to have. So I've now ordered the Leatt 5.5 HD Pro to compare it to. Seems to me that it's essentially the same protection but without the suit (and no elbows, which is a plus for me since I'll order those separately anyway). So I'm anxious to try it and see if it offers more adjustability and a more comfortable fit. A lot of reviews say the shoulder straps are cheap and come apart from the main unit, but I figure that is easily fixed with a new sewn-on strap instead of their attachment system. Will update when it arrives and I've tried it on... The others I were looking at are the A* A10 and the Fox Raptor. I ruled them out since I plan to get a Leatt neck brace and wish for good integration, but if I don't like the 5.5 I may try the A10 and look at their neck brace instead. I prefer the Leatt neck brace design however, mainly because the back supports don't contact the spine, putting the forces into the shoulder blades as it should, whereas it seems the A* BNS sits across the middle of the back more. Interested to hear feedback from those who have tried or use them....
  5. dirt_monkey

    Dislike My Gaerne SG-12 Boots

    I'm really glad to read this since I recently picked up a pair of SG12's and felt the same pressure as you did, and just spent an hour wearing them in the house before googling "sg12 ankle pressure issue" and thinking about returning them. Now I am confident I can stick it out to break them in and hopefully fall in love with them. May try the gatorade bottle trick!
  6. dirt_monkey

    Canadians: What do you do in Winter?

    Looks like a great garage space you've got. Heated hopefully!?
  7. dirt_monkey

    Canadians: What do you do in Winter?

    That's some SERIOUS lean!
  8. dirt_monkey

    New Member Intro

    Awesome, thank-you - just ordered the exhaust plug and airbox cover on amazon! Good advice on the bearings - I'm always a fan of preventative maintenance for prolonging the life of things that take a beating!
  9. dirt_monkey

    New Member Intro

    When I researched it prior to buying the bike I saw it's relation to Yamaha... and was a bit perplexed as to why someone would swap out a KTM suspension for it. But the owner raved about it and had considered swapping the front end over to his bike before selling this one.... so I figured it's well set up (plus we're the same size). Like you say - it's all better than I am, so until I get to the point where I can pick on it, I'll just enjoy it! I removed the battery and ran the bike dry... anything else I should look at doing to maintain it while it sits for 3 months throughout winter? Plug the tailpipe to prevent moisture from getting in?
  10. dirt_monkey

    New Member Intro

    LOL. Educate me - what's the downside of the SSS? The bike was originally owned by Jake Stapleton... I figured if it's good enough for him it's good enough for me! Worst case, I can always go to a different setup. You have good taste! the 2002tii was an awesome little car! E30 is also a great car, what an awesome chassis it has. We have an engine from a mid-90's 5-series in the racecar for a bit more pep! The 911 is unlike any other car I've owned or driven... so special, so involving. I can't help but to smile every time I get behind the wheel. I was lucky enough to buy it when prices were reasonably, and I intend to keep it for life! Thanks! I have lots to learn now... and gear to buy!
  11. dirt_monkey

    New Member Intro

    Good eye! My pride and joy... an '86 911 coupe that started out as my daily driver, has seen many road trips, and lots of track time. The second one is an '89 BMW E30 racecar that a friend and I co-own and race in endurance series. No garage queens here!
  12. dirt_monkey

    New Member Intro

    Picked her up today! Now she joins my other toys waiting for spring to begin....
  13. dirt_monkey

    Canadians: What do you do in Winter?

    ^^^ Awesome
  14. dirt_monkey

    Canadians: What do you do in Winter?

    For most of us north of the border, we're looking out our windows at a whole lotta white stuff! So what keeps you busy over the winter months (besides sitting in the garage staring at your bike)? For me, it's snowboarding and hockey. If my garage were heated and larger I'd be wrenching on the cars/bikes but it's way too cold in there to do anything (not to mention there's barely room to move...)
  15. Ring gap was mentioned... but for some added reading on the topic, this is a great read (scroll to the bottom to see common mistakes). It's aimed at street bikes, but the theory and advice is applicable: http://blog.wiseco.com/everything-you-need-to-know-about-ring-gap