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  1. washouot

    Honda XR250R (1999)

    Can I have it? Really nice, I'm envious.
  2. washouot

    Tank for 2017 CRF250L

    Here is a close up of IMS 3.5 and Seat Concepts seat
  3. washouot

    Tank for 2017 CRF250L

    Yes, it is a Seat Concepts seat with no issues of fitment with the IMS tank. Great look all around. Next up for me is the Race Tech suspension front and rear. Christmas, done. Property Taxes for the new year, paid. Now comes the Red Scout 250's needs.
  4. washouot

    Tank for 2017 CRF250L

    I have one installed. Excellent. Looks great, install was easy. No complaints. Took it on the MABDR in late September.
  5. washouot

    CBR300R Crank Install

    So Noisytim, give us more than just fantastic. How does it change the delivery of power? Whats it like in the dirt now? Road impressions? Is the rest of your bike stock or have you changed anything else? I'm thinking of doing to swap on my 17' this winter. I want to hear everything. Thank you.