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  1. Matt Croy

    Wr starter

    Cool thanks man you would think by now there’s have a estart that worked all the time lol seems all bikes with estarts have issues
  2. Matt Croy

    Trail riding club or group in North Georgia

    Yea moto mtn good too. I just got back from majestic in PA. Snow riding is awesome !! The owner told us to put sheet metal screws in our knobs I couldn’t believe the difference it made we couldn’t have rode much without them. It prolly wasn’t that great of a place without the snow but we had a blast. 12 hr drive from bama but worth the experience in the snow
  3. Matt Croy

    Wr starter

    I’ve got 2 the plastic melts inside the starter. They are cheap and made cheap so get what u pay for. Just can’t see $260 for a starter that’s what they are on Motorsport anyway
  4. Matt Croy

    Wr starter

    Is there a better starter out there that’s not $270 ?? The cheap 30-40$ ones on eBay burn up too quick
  5. Matt Croy

    Trail riding club or group in North Georgia

    None compare to West Point tn Natra website north Alabama trail riders association 5800 acre I think Tons of single track
  6. Matt Croy

    Wr fire

    I was just on it everthing was fine then just stalled out of nowhere
  7. Matt Croy

    Wr fire

    All of the above are good it just only gets spark about 1 out of 5 kicks. Gas plug and filter is good just redone valves carb and top end kit compression is good leak down test good bike is in time. Just don’t get fire ever kick. Kill switch is disconnected
  8. Matt Croy

    Wr fire

  9. Matt Croy

    Wr fire

    My wr isn’t firing every kick any idea ??? In in Pennsylvania 13 hours from home bike won’t start !!!! Please help 🤬🤬
  10. Matt Croy

    Majestic off road

    Anyone ever been to majestic off road park in pa ?
  11. Matt Croy

    Trail riding club or group in North Georgia

    Highland park is cedar town ga is awesome
  12. Matt Croy

    Hatfield McCoy trails

    I’m goin this weekend
  13. Matt Croy

    Hatfield McCoy trails

    I’m gonna be heading up to Hatfield McCoy trails to ride anyone been? I hear single track is killer!!
  14. Matt Croy

    Yz 250X headlight ???

    I go back and forth weekly lol
  15. Matt Croy


    Last time I tried fixing it I replaced relay then starter. It would turn over just didn’t sound fast enough to crank, battery was new then too