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  1. Nice bike!! I contemplated KTMs but they were a little pricey. My wife’s only stipulation was that i bought a brand new bike, because she didnt want me working on it all the time. I tried to get the most reliable “race” bike after doing alot of research. Probably should have just bought an air cooled trail bike lol.
  2. I started out on a XR80 when I was younger, I tried to find some pics but couldnt find anything. Fast forward to 20 years later, Ive been craving a dirtbike since selling the XR, did alot of looking and settled with the 250fx. I kinda regret not getting the 250x, but this bike is plenty for me. Above you can see the bar risers, I was uncomfortable standing while riding until I got these. Also I opted for the cycra knock off bark busters, because I wanted to try them out before buying something expensive. Ive added a G2 throttle tamer to help with my inexperience and tight woods riding. Upgraded the grips as well, with some pillow top style to help with comfort. I went with Unabiker radiator guards and braces. Tried to get the best based on reviews and these are the only ones I found with actual braces. There is a GYTR fan under there as well that I added to help keep cool in this NC heat and humidity. I plan on adding more armor and maybe some different mounts for the bark-busters. I also need to get some protection for myself, ive been riding with rubber Muck boots 😅.
  3. Im down for next sunday the 15th if you’ll have me. I have 1 friend maybe two that would like to tag along, both good guys.
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