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    Dirt Bikes, Boats and anything else with a motor that goes fast.
  1. Nayther

    Any aftermarket tabs for clutches?

    I would say............NO That is not something you compromise on. You don't want to know what happens if that nut comes off.
  2. Nayther

    Bike wouldn't start... Has this happened to you?

    common problem and easily done and easily fixed, done it myself a few times.
  3. Nayther

    How many hours before a top end rebuild?

    you found the records? I was trying to remember when it was. Yes, I'm not good for your business since I ride so slow and do frequent PM. Will get it torn down this weekend and we'll talk.
  4. Nayther

    How many hours before a top end rebuild?

    So 332 hours is a bit much? CRF Doc was amazed when I showed him the hour meter, guess it was done right the last time. These hours are on TRX valves, not the OEM Titaniums; Don't know when we did it but it was a LONG time ago. Finally being hard to start, thought it was weak battery, replaced it and same problem. Then noticed it was a bit harder to kick indicating decompressor too tight.
  5. Nayther

    Noob with an 05' 450X

    how'd it to? if this bike was stickered in CA you're shit outa luck to plate it yourself. I, like CRF Doc have been down this road, had one success, one failure. There are ways around it IF not green stickered already.
  6. Nayther

    Another best sprocket size thread

    I went up one tooth to a 14 on the front, seems to work pretty well in most SO Cal. situations, helps on the faster stretches (dual sport and desert). I do very little super tight technical but with this combination and a Rekluse Z start Pro, its pretty well unstoppable (my "Honda Tractor" I tell folks).
  7. Nayther

    Cylinder Head Rebuilding Tools

    His name is Paul, it's AS Racing Just send him the head and he'll do the rest. Just my opinion that unless you plan on doing a lot of head work its best to leave this to the pros. You'll spend as much money on tools, and still need to do the work your self, as it costs to send the head to someone and have it done.
  8. Nayther

    Still riding my X

    I have an hour meter, put it on when I rebuilt it, same as you Paul's head work with TRX valves. It had to be quite some time ago though as he was still in Rancho Cucamonga when he did the work.
  9. Nayther

    Still riding my X

    same here, but its the only bike I own. I call it my "universal" bike. Change out the headlight for a number plate and race desert (even rode a GP at Glen Helen but I SUCKED at that). Then light back on and ride Ride For Kids DS out of Glen Helen two weeks later. This Sunday went to my buddies house and rode the tight/twisties (not quite as good as maybe a 300 as its a bit heavy) Always runs, always starts and with my Rekluse climbs like a tractor (I call it my Honda Tractor). Bought new in March 2005, about ready for its third top end, estimated hours are about 300, 160 on this top end.
  10. Nayther

    Scotts stabilizer on 450X

    I run Scott's and they're underbar mount, the additional 1" with the CR high bend is perfect for me, i'm 5-11" Scott's customer service is superb, Steve or Eric will answer any questions you might have. Its one of those items you install and basically forget about it until you hit something like a rock or root where the front wheel should have deflected and put you on your butt. Instead you say, "hey, I'm still upright, guess my Scotts worked" and you motor on.
  11. Nayther

    ebay radiators?

    Thanks all, CRF Doc. got me straightened out, added rubbers on order. I'll shim up the front mount and make it all work as well. Also going to glue a piece of rubber where the tank comes close to the radiator "just in case". Since already rubbed a hole in the OEM radiator from the Clarke. And I agree about the braces vs. radiator cost, except its hard to get an ebay shipment out on the trail, 100 miles from the truck, but that's what JB weld is for.
  12. Nayther

    ebay radiators?

    I sure hope I don't have to massage the tank like that, ruined my Clarke trying to make it fit, really need a lot more room than that I'm afraid. Thinking about the lowering kit that Krannie used.
  13. Nayther

    ebay radiators?

    I just picked up some GPI radiators and a 3.2 IMS tank and have fitment issues. Left radiator is too tall, tank sits on top of it, what do I do? Bike is '05, used to have a Clarke on it and it didn't fit with the larger radiators either. Stock tank fits great. Thought about lowering left radiator by making a bracket, need about 1/2".