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  1. mwp

    07- 08 Cam Question

    I have found that the sprocket is different on the 08 i have seen. You would have to go back to the 07 design for the 08.
  2. mwp

    crf 250 exhaust valve

    I know it make no sense, the only true way is with a fly by run, but of course the rangers would have no way to do that. I have seen the forest service trying to get rpm readings with a vib tach on the seat or rear plastic fender! not very accurate. I quess the 1287 test is there to appease some of the tree people, and weed out the gross ofenders.
  3. mwp

    Some #'s for all you gearheads

    Jimmy what type of dyno is this? does not look like Dynojet graphs. Mike
  4. mwp

    crf 450 pictures

    Hey Ron, I saw a Kawasaki 250 head the otherday, and it's divider was long also, I know that the older Kasasaki works heads also had these along with a very small exhaust port and they won world superbike races like that. So many things to try....
  5. mwp

    Motocross Action October Issue

    Honda oil is made by Idamitsu, a japanese based company that is here in the U.S, the new bottles of Honda oil now have the logo on the back. They have there own brand of racing oils as well. They also claim to be the O.E. oil supplier for Yamaha and Toyota.
  6. mwp

    Motocross Action October Issue

    Most diesel oils also contain much more zinc that gasoline engine oils, it works well to break in a car engine but i don;t know about long term use in a CRF engine.
  7. mwp

    Thanks to Eddie and Ron

    It is a crf chassis, and engine.
  8. I just wanted to say that i have been working on a special CRF project and would like to thank both Ron Hamp and Eddie Sisneros, They both have been a great help and now the project is finished and ready to go to Bonneville next week. Thanks again.
  9. mwp

    Allen Yarrow.com 4/30/07

    I worked with Allen and Casey while I was at CHM, He was a great guy to be around,Always helpful and upbeat. He had so many friends that will truely miss him. Life is hard to understand, the good ones do leave us too early. All my thoughts and prayers to his family. Mike
  10. mwp

    fuel injection

    I also had heard from a good source that the 450 will be injected for 08 and the 250 in 09. All we can do is wait and see...
  11. mwp

    Godspeed Paul Orlandi

    I have had been lucky enough to know Paul over the last several years, He was truly a great guy,who loved motorcycles as much as life itself. It is very sad that he had to leave us early, he will be sorely missed.
  12. mwp

    backfire screen?

    Just changed a 40 leak jet, 175 mj, stock needle @ #4 clip, 42 pilot, modified the pump diaphram to 2.0 mm length at the pin and raised the feed holes in the pump cover to the gasket surface by grinding a small notch from the holes to the top surface.(bleeds out the air) the a/f readings averaged 11.8-1 under load on acc. on the dyno,with 12.8 at w.o.t. The screen helped the signal without going to small air jets or richer needles. This is on a stock engine with fmf slip-on's.
  13. mwp

    backfire screen?

    Also guys that have 06 model crf' 250s,tend to run better (less bog) with the screen, provides a slightly stronger fuel signal. The jetting can be worked out but if your not sure, leave the screen in it does not hurt power.
  14. mwp

    Help with ported head

    I agree with Ron, look at the compression of a new sport bike, the zx6rr has 13.5-1 stock and runs well on pump gas, although the engine tune is set up a little different, your 250 will run fine on pump 91-92.
  15. mwp

    Crower G1 Cam Review

    I do believe that Dan only regrinds a different profile on the stock lobe he does not do any welding, Web and Megacycle do that operation. both work but the regrind requires a much bigger shim due the smaller base circle dia.