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  1. Unitrackmind

    KLX 300 DC Conversion

    Looking for some help/info on converting my KLX for 12v LED lights and usb outlet . Need a brainy bastard with some knowledge of the topic. Thanks!!
  2. Unitrackmind

    Show us your KLX: A picture & video thread

    Behold. '07 300. Such a well mannered and capable bike.
  3. Unitrackmind

    TY gurus ?

    New here, hoping there are some moldy TY professors hanging around. So, I have a 75 ty - been tinkering and upgrading for about 7 yrs. I recall talking to a guy at an AHRMA event, I was only half paying attention waiting to enter a section. But I recall he was talking about installing a hub from a YZ for better front brake performance. Is that true? Does anyone know details? Thanks in advance!