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  1. If you guys are custom building the engine, balancing the crank will make a difference. Since we actually can now with 17+ having counterbalancers. http://crankworks.com/index.php/crank-services
  2. I ran across this after busting my exhaust flange already; replaced it with oem then put on a flange guard. Being stronger is what pulled me in to look into it. I don’t know this guy at all. I’m not a dyno expert either but since he showed results of improvement on one, had me thinking this wasn’t snake oil. I never thought It was anything huge, just minimal. He says the first dyno was done WOT then the second dyno, where the improvements are, was done at 1/4 throttle 4th gear
  3. https://www.ktmandhusky.com/product-page/billet-exhaust-manifold-for-17-19-250-300
  4. Is there a way to move around rides in my garage? If not could I suggest that the site adds this feature. Every time you add a ride in your garage it puts the last ride you added first and I’d like to have my favorite, best or even newest ride to display first for people to see then they can scroll down and look at the rest if they like. Also it’d make it easier to add future mods I do to my ride if I can have my most used ride up top.
  5. Powerban

    RK Tek 2-Stroke Heads

    Made this 800cc twin scream. Also runs cooler now.
  6. Powerban

    Ski-Doo MX Z 800 Adrenaline (2006)


    Nothing like holding an 800cc twin 2 stroke wide open on untouched powder. The REV chassis handles sidehilling, trail, boondocking, free riding and jumping well.
  7. Powerban

    Obie Linkage Guard

    Protects the linkage well and helps the bike slide over logs, rocks and any obstacles.
  8. Powerban

    T.M. Designworks Full Coverage Skid Plate

    Need more hours...
  9. Powerban

    P3 Carbon Pipe Guard

    Strongest carbon fiber pipe guard I’ve used. I’ve took some hard hits from rocks and logs with no damage to the pipe.
  10. Powerban

    P3 Carbon Pipe Guard

    1 review

    P3 Carbon Composite protection components set the industry standard for performance. From the Iron Giant at Erzberg, to GNCC and National Enduro, to Hare & Hound, P3 Carbon Pipe Guards are race proven by the fastest off-road racers in the world. Carbon, Fiberglass and Kevlar composites for super high impact strength Our special blend of high temperature resins for long life and high strength Hi temp coating on under side to resist heat Molded design for a perfect fit Extremely easy to mount Made in the USA
  11. Powerban

    Covaflex CFX Seats - Custom

    Excellent seat cover and is wearing very well. They will customize the design and grip. I tried many other seat manufacturers who turned me down on the customization I wanted. I finally found CFX who went above and beyond on creating a seat cover exactly how I wanted.
  12. Powerban

    Covaflex CFX Seats - Custom

    1 review

    Seat covers use gripper material on the sides and top and have madgrip ribs. The gripper top and madgrip ribs combination allows the rider maximum grip for control and confidence required at the top level. The madgrip ribs use a unique material which is robust and harder wearing than all the other ribs on the market today. Madgrip ribs allows the rider maximum grip from sliding back under acceleration which give the rider control and confidence and allows the rider to easily move forward and re positing when required. The gripper material is hard wearing and durable, for extra protection CFX TCT protection can be added to the knee area to reduce wear or add extra grip.
  13. Powerban

    DEI Reflect-A-GOLD

    More testing needed...
  14. Powerban

    DEI Reflect-A-GOLD

    1 review

    Reflect-A-GOLD™ is an adhesive heat shield made from a metalized polyamide polymer laminated to a light weight glass fiber cloth with a high temperature pressure sensitive adhesive for use in extreme temperature swing environments. Our lightweight, adhesive thermal shielding is easily applied and removed. It's minimal clearance and ease of use makes Reflect-A-GOLD™ a highly effective material for firewalls, fuel cells, engine covers, under hoods, engine compartment, bulk heads, seat bottoms and anything or area that needs protection from heat. For firewalls, bulkheads, engine covers, floors, seat bottoms & more Handles continuous temps up to 850°F Resists UV degradation for long-term performance Adhesive protected by release liner rated up to 325°F 0.0065" thick Easy to apply and remove Radiant Heat Resistance: 850°F Adhesive Heat Resistance: 325°F