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  1. muttskin

    Wr 500 thoughts...

    Thanks for all the input. Yeah, I finally have my 30x40 pole barn to work in. Put power up last summer, just need to insulate it and heat it!
  2. muttskin

    Wr 500 thoughts...

    Im all for it. Make it all right, looks and all. My buddies were telling me it was junk and I started to believe them, but I saw the potential. If I'm not mistaken, this frame was based on the 1992 yz250, so maybe I'll start from there for the plastics. The tank will be tough, but I'll strip the rattlecan and take a heat gun to it. I've heard of the head mod and plan on doing that. Should be straight forward from there. Here is a few pics of her tore down, as will as my kx 500 and new ktm 450 xcf!
  3. muttskin

    Dumb stator questions...

    Thanks for the input. May I ask why avoid ricky stator?
  4. I've tried searching for these answers but to no avail. I have a 2018 ktm 450 xc-f that I'm planning on making a dual sport. I plan on getting the sicass lighting kit with blinkers, as well as a radiator fan. I've heard that the sicass kit runs straight from the battery, but once you add the fan its too much juice for the OEM stator. If I'm wrong please let me know. I plan on buying a ricky stator, which bumps the juice up to 85 watts. Questions: 1. Can you simply add the stator, and then run what you need, or do resistors or anything else need to be added? I don't want to burn up any electronics or anything. 2. Are Ktms AC or DC current? I always thought vehicles were DC but I've read that this isn't always the case? 3. I thought I read somewhere that ricky stators make AC current? Probably all dumb questions, but I appreciate the help.
  5. muttskin

    Wr 500 thoughts...

    Thanks for the input everybody. Now I just need to try and find parts!
  6. muttskin

    Wr 500 thoughts...

    Gents, I like to work on old junk, and through my bartering, trading and thieving I ended up with a 1992 WR500. The guy I got it from said it ran, but leaked from the cylinder. A quick inspection told me they tried to replace the base gasket with rtv silicone. Also, the rear subframe was in 5 pieces, the gas tank was rattle canned black, and it all looked like crap. No plastic to speak of. Since I'm a fixer, it didn't scare me too much. I enjoy working on bikes, and would like to have a 500 smoker collection someday. I have a 1991 kx500 stock in good shape, and this WR 500 was a cheap addition towards my goal. In any case, I realize this is one of the worst bikes ever made, but it's also one of the last big bore smokers yamaha ever made. Since I'm collecting, and dont plan on riding this thing other than seeing what the fuss is about, should I even make it run, or just make it look good? My buddy claims I should just make it look good, but to me it's not a collection unless it runs, and runs right. The crank feels good and the cylinder is clean. I know this is a subjective question, but I'm really on the fence. Im not interested in selling or anything, just want other riders perspective. It's a weird collection, I know. Side note: If you have a 1992 ish KTM 500MX for sale please contact me:)