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  1. phabib

    TTR125LE Rekluse exp 3.0

    I'm very new to motorcycles, can someone explain the advantage of the Rekluse clutch? Thanks.
  2. phabib

    Painting side covers??

    You are my role model, getting rid of tools and projects you don't need anymore. I need to do that in such a bad way. I totally forgot about a good supply of clean dry air for the powder coat.
  3. phabib

    Painting side covers??

    Powdercoating is pretty easy to do, and not that expensive to get started with. If you can salvage an old oven you can buy a cheap gun and get good results. For powder, I like Prismatic Powders. They have thousands of colors and will send you 3 free color chips to help you choose what you want. Unless you are dying for a kitchen upgrade, you don't want to use your home oven for powdercoating.
  4. phabib

    Trail tech vapor

    Does this have an internal battery, or does it expect power from the bike? Those of us with kick start only bikes want to know.
  5. phabib

    ttr-125 sevrvice manual

    I got a manual on Ebay. Shortly after placing the order I got an email from the seller telling me about how he's just in it to make a few bucks for himself and his son and if I'm not happy with the manual, he'd refund all of the money and I could keep the manual along with something about his faith in god. I got the manual a few days later and it looked good, however when I actually looked for real information, I saw that there was text missing here and there in the entire manual. Probably a poor scan job where the OCR couldn't make out a character and left it blank. The problem seems to be most pronounced for numbers so there are sentences like "valve clearance inch" I didn't bother asking for my money back, but wanted to get the word out.
  6. phabib

    Yamaha 125TTR Won't Start

    I vote for a broken kick. The fact you can bump start it means you have compression, and everything else you need to make the engine run.
  7. phabib

    Yamaha 125TTR Won't Start

    Are you sure the kick starter is working and turning the engine over? Verify that first, then to check compression remove the spark plug, thread in a compression gauge, kick it over and read the compression.
  8. If the spec calls for 14 ft/lb, what is your rationale for tightening to 10? I don't see the advantage to under tightening by 40%.
  9. phabib

    Upgrades for TTR 125

    The needle is a screw with a tapered end. The tapered end of the screw will block/unblock a hole where fuel travels as it moves in and out. All the way in and the fat part of the taper blocks all flow, and the more you back it out, the more fuel can flow through the hole. As the piston in the engine travels down and sucks in air, that air sucks in fuel from the carb bowl. The needle setting is what decides how much fuel and therefore how lean or rich your engine will run. I'm new to motorcyles so this may not be the best method but back when cars had carbs, I used to adjust the mix by going leaner until the engine RPM peaked, then backing off (making it richer) about 1/4 or 1/2 turn. You could also look for the max RPM point, which will be too lean, then count the number of turns as you make it richer until the engine starts to run poorly and setting it for the mid point. If you're the more analytical type, you can try to get your hands on a combustion gas meter and set the mix based on the amount of CO in the exhaust gases.
  10. phabib

    Upgrades for TTR 125

    I would treat Metcalf like sea level, or close to it. I don't think its high enough to matter.