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  1. But stage 1 has a wider LSA and more duration than stage 2. I wonder if there is a typo or two in his specs. If GH could give us a small torque cam with a close LSA like the 40MC402, ST 1, or ST1.5 then I would definitely buy one (as long as the price is reasonable).
  2. slow jeff

    ST1.5 Cam Lobe Issue

    I would like to know how many of these cam failures were with Web's hardened rockers and how many of them were with OEM rockers.
  3. slow jeff

    ST1.5 Cam Lobe Issue

    I have another dumb question. Could the "hard break in" be a contributor to the damaged lobes? Could the "cam break in procedure" contribute to poor ring seating? It seems to me that the cam break-in procedure where you run the engine at a steady 2,000ish rpms for 1/2 hour may be bad for ring seating. Rings like the hard break in where the engine is loaded heavily as soon as possible and not allowed to idle or run at a light load for very long but this might not be good for the cam.
  4. slow jeff

    black/grey coating on Web Cam

    I think that Adnohguy said somewhere that he usually breaks the engine in with a cam and rockers that were already broken in.....
  5. Those are interesting cam specs. I assume the meaning of lobe center is really lobe separation angle (LSA). So on a 12:1 233 how would the powerband produced by the GH stage 2 compare to the ST1.5.
  6. slow jeff

    Bigger Trail Bike?

    I have sort of been thinking about a TTR-250 due to: A little more power Advertized dry weight is 249 lbs. Not too much heavier than my 230. Electric start and kick start 6 speed Real suspension
  7. slow jeff

    ST1.5 Cam Lobe Issue

    Jeffrow, A valve spring with too high a rate and/or a rocker with the wrong profile will wipe a lobe. Web sent me some "reground" followers (automotive application) one time that were ground to a flat profile. They should have had a slight dome. This made it so the followers would not rotate which damaged the lobes and the followers. I don't know where Terry gets his hardened rockers but I would not trust Web's hardened rockers if that's what he uses. Also, how did you break in the cam? The usual recommendation is to coat the lobes and rockers with assembly lube, start the engine and immediately run it at a steady 2000 rpm for 20 minutes or so.