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  1. Bringiton

    Canadians: What do you do in Winter?

    Yeh, Its been a very bad season so far in the east. It just keeps snowing then raining then freezing. Still looks great on the west coast tho... Might be time to move.
  2. Bringiton

    Canadians: What do you do in Winter?

    What do you use inside the tires to stop the screw heads from eating into the tubes? I have tried layers of different kinds of thick tapes but was never able to get a good bond to the rubber. Was thinking of cutting an old thin tube to line the walls but never got around to testing it.
  3. Bringiton

    Canadians: What do you do in Winter?

    Yeh, i'm in Ontario so the normal riding season tends to end early. The tires should be ok for more seasons but its mainly the other its more a combination of everything else required to prep the bike for winter riding that makes me hesitant to do it. I've had bad luck with batteries not working we the weather gets below -10 and the way these studs were installed, its always worrying me that i'll blow a tube out on the trail and be unable to roll the bike out or fix it trailside. (Cold rubber is impossible to mount) I only rode it close enough to my truck that I could drive it out if needed and that gets boring quick. I think if i do it again ill get a new pair of tires and get some real gripstuds which are a lot less likely to pierce my tube which should alleviate a lot of my concern.
  4. Bringiton

    2017 390 RR-S Poor Fuel Economy

    I had some issues with the bike stalling out at idle especially when it was warming up so the dealer set the idle to "high" (He said there are three settings and he set it to the highest one) which seemed to help the stalling issue. I will definitely look into the injector. That's something I know hasn't been touched since it was drowned. Thanks
  5. Bringiton

    Canadians: What do you do in Winter?

    Studded the tires last year. Not sure if i'm going to do it again this year. Its a lot of work.
  6. Hey, I have a 2017 390 RR-S with about 100 hours on it. I've noticed recently that my fuel economy has been very poor. The bike will be completely out of fuel around 60 km(37 miles) on the 2 gal tank. The bike was recently drowned to the point where it had to be trucked out and completely drained. After the drowning a new air filter, oil and spark were installed. I did not track fuel economy before this point, but only started running into range issues after this occurred so i'm not sure if it's related. The bike is stock with the exception of a tubliss tires running ~10 PSI. Everyone I ride with including other beta RR-S bikes seem to have at least 1/3 tank left when I am running out and I can not figure out why my economy is so poor in comparison.I mostly ride low altitude medium/hard single-track with some high speed gravel roads between trails. Does anyone know of any technical reasons that the bike may be getting fuel economy like this? Cheers