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    Love the bike. Hate the clutch

    I would. Be a regular guy and tell them you had some personal problems and only rode it a couple times and please help me out. Be a nice guy and if they want your future business they will step up. If not, go to the area rep. Just remember, be good about it and they will probably help you out.
  2. Excuse my ignorance, but don't the aftermarket yz side panels that have the grab hole fit the wr?
  3. AZWR426

    CA Plate for a '03 WR450?

    Better yet buy my wr426 - it's already street legal in AZ. Give me a call at 602-770-9934 or email me at markarrigo@cox.net for pics and details on a good as new lo miles bike! Mark
  4. AZWR426


    Sent you a private mssg and posted a response on your other "Texas relative" thread.
  5. The question was asked on this forum when the 450 was a twinkle in Yamaha's eye and the overwhelming response was to let the big bores stick together.
  6. I have a street legal in Arizona WR-426 with 330 total miles on it for sale. I live in Phoenix, an easy drive from LA for a like new bike. It is all original except Zip TY Racing mag drain plug, rad guards, Works Connection frame guards, skid plate, hydraulic master cylinder brake switch. E mail me at markarrigo@cox.net for pictures or call me at 602-770-9934 for details. $4300/offer. Thanks, Mark
  7. AZWR426

    Getting Plates for a WR450

    How about the AZ connection with a mailbox at Mail Boxes Etc (or whatever their new name is)? Dunno if it will work but I have heard of people that use a PO Box for their drivers license address just so photo radar tickets have no where to go they can't beat. Then transfer the bike in. Mark
  8. The swap motors or drill and tap has the most merit. You gotta ask yourself where is the heat going to go if you weld. The heat treat will really be messed up at the minimum. Always gotta ask what are the consequences / cost of it failing and how much will it wreck if it lets go. The collateral damage could be a lot more for welding as the FOD potential goes up.
  9. AZWR426

    Radiator Guards - Who likes what?

    Mike Shown is the owner of Flatlands and I must say he is awesome to deal with. Short version - he will take care of you. LOL Mark
  10. AZWR426

    WR300F opinions?

    Who is complaining? The title of the thread was "WR300F OPINIONS?". True, the bike can be modified for a cost of half again what the bike cost. I really like the 250F, I just thought we were having a casual discussion about what would be nice to see.
  11. AZWR426

    Replacement Radiator for 99WR400f

    I have a left radiator in nice condition for sale from my 2002 wr426. I am not sure if the 400 uses the same radiator or not. (I know the yz and wr are different - the wr is slightly bigger than the yz). Any way if you are interested I'll sell it for $100. Call me at 602-770-9934. Mark
  12. Be sure to watch your shelf life on Locktite! I talked with a fellow mechanical engineer geek at Loctite (the phone number is on the package) and he told me how to interpret the date codes. Turns out it is VERY sensitive for full strength to shelf life and I found half the stuff on the stores shelves out of date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As I recall they had a alpha numeric code mix and a life of only one year since date of manufacture. I would give them a call for an update on all this. Mark
  13. AZWR426

    ready for a change

    I am the guy named Mark mentioned by Wayne a few posts back and I still have the 2002 WR 426 for sale. Yes, it is beyond clean - about perfect, in fact, with 330 total miles(hard to admit but it is too much bike for my size and riding level at this time). Arizona street legal, (hydraulic brake switch). All original with the Zip Ty mag drain plug, rad supports, Works Connection frame guards and skid plate. $4400/offer. Give me a call in Phoenix, AZ at 602-770-9934. Thanks
  14. AZWR426

    '03 WR-250 airbox.

    I am not certain but I believe the Canadian and US air box lids are different. I was looking at buying a 2003 WR250 and the guy was importing them from Canada. He told me the differences between the US and Canadian bikes and he mentioned the Canadian had a less restrictive lid. Mark
  15. AZWR426

    Green sticker for all 2002's and older?

    Great - Now for the even better news!!!! I have a 2002 WR 426 for sale with AZ street registration and 330 total miles on it. Perfect condition - stock with a few bolt on upgrades. PM or call me in Phoenix. 602-770-9934. $4400/offer. Mark