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  1. David Cardenas

    Yz250 or Crf450r

    Not sure he says he prefers the moto models bc he can spin laps on the track as easy as on the trail. He complains about how the fx or xc bikes can go on a track but are really just far more woods than track. I would say the 250 since its pretty popular out here in tx to just run the yz250 on trails with a oversized tank and basically nothing else most guys love em.
  2. David Cardenas

    Yz250 or Crf450r

    My buddy is trying to decide what bike he should buy for the next season. Hes come down to 2 bikes a yz250 or a 19 crf450r. Money isint an issue and hell mainly be riding trails and racing harescrambles. Hes a intermidiate rider and is leaning towards the 450 but is worried hell be able to feel the heaviness of it out in the tight woods any suggestions? thanks.
  3. David Cardenas

    Crated 450

  4. David Cardenas

    Crated 450

    I have been looking to buy a 2018 yz450f since i could get it for a good deal and a 2019 kx450 came up the only thing is that its still in the crate and i was wondering what type of discount i would be getting for buying a crated bike.
  5. David Cardenas


    a 125 or would be great for you. you can find one 06 and higher for very cheap since they havent changed at all. Its gonna be tall for you att 5’5 but youl grow into it quickly. If not you could get a 250f if you want something you can ride and grow into and not grow out of for a long time. Crf250r’s 2010 and up are great. My buddy has a 2011 and it rides like a dream and definitely takes jumps smoothly. But realistically you might want a 125 before jumping to a 250f. You have a 100 and 25cc’s might not seem like much more but with a full fledge moto bike the power hits way harder, more torque, and twice as much or more ponnies than your crf100f. But any 125 04 and up is great.
  6. David Cardenas

    250 an 450 Shootouts

    every major upgrade for example if i buy a 19 yz250f i would buy another once they’re completely redesigned and changed
  7. David Cardenas

    Dirt bike for 15 year old boy

    i was like you man for a first timer and at 5’4 a 125 is too big for you, you might think it isint too much power but it’ll definitely catch ya off guard id go with a crf150r or a 230f
  8. David Cardenas

    Need help choosing.....

    id go with the 350 theyre light like a 250 so its easier to change direction and they have 450 like power it wont rip your arms off but they definitely aren’t sluggish
  9. consider a kx100 theyre right in between the 125 and 85 range amd are easy to maintain and also cheap to maintain
  10. David Cardenas

    Which 350?

    Id say the xcf mainly bc of the pds suspension it really comes in handy dont wanna bust your linkage over a rock 40 miles from your truck
  11. David Cardenas

    CRF450r too much for my first bike?

    just respect the bike it will only go as fast as you want it to and you could throw in a flywheel weight to smoothen the power so it isint too much at first and once you feel comfortable you remove it and go from there
  12. David Cardenas

    2001 KTM 300 MXC good enough for trail riding?

    yeah any bike is good for trail riding all you need is good clutch control and any motocrosser or enduro machine can slay the trails
  13. David Cardenas


    you should get a yz250f they have great usable power and honestly from 08 up theyre all great.
  14. David Cardenas

    What buke should I buy?

    thanks man really appreciate it
  15. David Cardenas

    What buke should I buy?

    thx man andbtw i just found another leftover yz450 Im definitely gonna pick either the honda or the yz.