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  1. FightingRed

    1982 XR80 - Rear wheel - 2 Questions

    Try Buchanon Wheel for spoke kits. eBay might have them but probably have to wait as they’re mostly repop stuff from Southeast Asia. Bikebandit.com can help you find OEM part numbers. As for the brake, your pads look shot. New are 4mm thick and service limit is 2mm IIRC. Try mounting the plate on the wheel with an axle holding them together and I bet it doesn’t rock. The brake plate fits over the hub to reduce dirt and water getting in.
  2. FightingRed

    1982 XR80 - Rear wheel - 2 Questions

    I believe Honda lists the spokes as a set of “A” and “B” or inner/outer spokes and there are 18 of each on that bike (36 total). If you look closely at the hub you’ll see one spike has a 90 bend and then other is a bit wider. On the brake plate a pic would help and I have an ‘82 100 if you’d like to see what it looks like. The twin shock bikes uses a torque arm that connect to the brake plate on one end and on the swing arm near the pivot on the other. The pro-link single shock bikes used a rear brake plate with a slot to receive a boss on the swing arm similar to the front brake plate.
  3. FightingRed

    120 custom pipe dimensions

    They all seem pretty choked down for noise and emissions. Forgot to post a pic of the mocked up pipe before welding and wrapping. What do you guys think?
  4. FightingRed

    120 custom pipe dimensions

    I picked up a broken FMF pipe on the cheap and hacked it up to make my own shorty muffler with spark arrestor intact. Repacked with fiberglass and new rivets. I’m using a stock XL100 head pipe that I modified and piece of steel 7/8 handlebar for a midpipe. The header is only slightly smaller inside diameter than the FMF but thicker walls which means quieter pipe and less likely to break again. Should have it welded up this weekend and then I’ll wrap it since I won’t be running a heat shield.
  5. FightingRed

    XR100 sell price

    Preach it brother! I just looked at an ‘85 XR600 the other day that supposedly had a fresh hone and rings after somebody downshifted 5th - 2nd and bumped the timing before the seller had acquired it. Once we finally got it started (on ether, no less) it belched a good deal of blue smoke before proceeding to bleed oil like a stuck pig onto the pavement. Looking at the fella’s garage he had inumerous bikes in various states of disrepair and assembly and was clearly looking to turn a quick buck. Also,my ankle still hurts from trying to kick that SOB over!
  6. FightingRed

    Crank key

    Ouch! I’m surprised nobody has engineered a mIlled plate to have the pickup coil be able to move a few degrees for static timing tweaking.
  7. FightingRed

    My nearly restored 1990 XR200R

    Black and red is the best combo! What paint are you using? I’ve tried some VHM for kickstand and footpeg bar and it came off easily. Powder coating or catalyzed epoxy seems to be the best route still.
  8. FightingRed

    Xr100 finally done

    Hey Bruce, looks like you’re running PZ27 carbs, what jetting are you using?
  9. FightingRed

    ShiftUp Spartan Head - Best carb?

    Great stuff, guys. Thanks! I also have a Dekni PZ27 that uses keihin jets but it seems like it is also a knockoff or repop like the OKO stuff.
  10. FightingRed

    My nearly restored 1990 XR200R

    Looks mint! Love that supertrapp, too. Warm it up good and go break her in hard! Check this out if you haven’t seen it before: http://www.mototuneusa.com/break_in_secrets.htm
  11. FightingRed

    ShiftUp Spartan Head - Best carb?

    Just realized I'm a dummy and the "200X" ebay carb I've had for awhile is a Mikuni (22mm and I think it might be fake) Looks like the OEM Honda ATC200X came with a Keihin PD. Looks like I will pay about as much for an old Keihin than a Mikuni VM26 and adapter. BBR 58mm piston, TB cylinder, Kitaco cam, ShiftUp spartan head on XL bottom end, pipe ID will be 25-28mm. Bike is used as mini dual sport/trail bike/beer run scooter, not a race bike. Whats the best bang for the buck on carbs for this setup? Also, I'm at 6500ft so I'm leaning towards a Mikuni VM28 to get even more air in but don't want to have an off idle bog with full weight flywheel.
  12. FightingRed

    120 custom pipe dimensions

    Well the snow melted enough to take it around the block a few times on 19/16 wheels. I definitely think it needs a 17 up front with the leading axle XR forks, feels a bit like a chopper with the soft stock pogo stick shocks. Might need to go a bit longer on the rear shocks but I’ll wait to see what wheel combo I come up with. As far as the pipe the bike feels like it’s really holding back up top. The inner diameter of the stock exhaust is 22mm at the header and actually gets smaller before it goes into the muffler ( I had a junk stock one I cut open to find out). The exhaust valve on the Spartan head is 23mm. I found somewhere that a good port to pipe ratio was 1.1 to 1.25 so I need about 25-28mm diameter pipe. Also runnning the 200X carb so I could go bigger there also. Any info or recommendation would be great!
  13. Right. Compression and exhaust are “up” strokes while intake and combustion are downward.
  14. FightingRed

    xr100 throttle stuck

    Just replace it. Potential safety risk. Don’t buy OEM, though Motion Pro is your friend. Should be about $20.
  15. Turning CCW past TDC on the compression stroke is called the combustion stroke. Both valves stay closed until near BDC, then exhaust valve opens and exhaust stroke begins. Just remember suck, press, bang, blow, repeat.