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  1. Lungo Cannone

    '97 Suzuki RM125/250 Forks

    hi..actually I think not.. I found a manual on internet. https://www.scribd.com/document/261831736/Showa-49-RSU-CC this is the correct procedure. I believe, now I'll try to follow and after tell you. Is amazing that I haven't done nothing that they wrote.:)))
  2. Lungo Cannone

    '97 Suzuki RM125/250 Forks

    hi, today I changed oil seals of my Showa 1997, I put green skf on , but I had a problem , no rebound now, I put 620 cc oil till 120 mm without spring. I don't know if there are a specific way to put oil inside, for example a part to the bottom and a part to the top, like 4CS forks. the fork is good, starts very well but no Reb, the click works till the end, but not differences. obviously I made something wrong. sorry for my poor explanation..
  3. Lungo Cannone

    Graham Jarvis Mikuni carb mods and jetting specs

    ehehe as soon as possible I'll say hi to Sofia:)
  4. Lungo Cannone

    Graham Jarvis Mikuni carb mods and jetting specs

    hi I have a 250 te 2017 euro model, I put keihin 36 from my old 2016 ktm,it was really good improvement,here, in Italy a lot of people switched to keihin because Mikuni was impossible. In winter I started to have some little problems and I didn't like no more the carb, did some modification, was good , not bad not exceptional.but good, for me ok. I planned to go to Romaniacs and I knew a very good mechanic of Romania that helped us, me and my wife to prepare the motorcycles. she has a ktm exc 250 2017. So I come back to Mikuni and put the s4 and the 43-75 , 440 etc etc carb inclination as ktm spec.. and the right squish with an aftermarket head. the moto was awesome, really easy to use. then I open airbox on my husky, another improvement. last I put g2 tamer, but wasn't really happy, was too lazy at the bottom, because the response is slower, for the t2 conformation, maybe more precise but slower. than I read this topic..read again..mumble mumble... And I did the mods, I tried the motorcycles, seemed too clean under..but was better than before. then read again why my moto was so clean.. and so an error, also for my English, not so good.. the idle screw was too tight, I opened three turns.and than the needle was on the second not to the bottom.. today I did all correctly.needle, air screw, etc etc. and the moto is fantastic, you think and she do all do you wants spectacular.thank you very very much for the wonderful and useful topics. greetings from Italy, Riki
  5. Lungo Cannone

    '97 Suzuki RM125/250 Forks

    I have another pair of solva, the previous version the last usd 49 mm cc and they are great.. too great for an anvil like me!
  6. Lungo Cannone

    '97 Suzuki RM125/250 Forks

    hi thank you very much! a really patient friend of mine works as mechanic with lathe or tornio in Italian..:) maybe he can do to me a new column, if I buy the material. for now I'll ask to do this collar. I was looking also for wp extreme but are very difficult to find here and is also almost impossible find information about the rsu forks. today I was able to open one fork the lower part and is incredible how was full of dirty and mud. than not a lot of more because I had an injury at y hand last 20 December doing enduro and not still able to work.. think I'll buy skf green for a full revision.
  7. Lungo Cannone

    '97 Suzuki RM125/250 Forks

    hi thank you very much, I chose this fork cause I want to try conventional and I find in at cheap price her pin Italy, about 200 euros for triple clamps, fork, complete wheel and braking system,hope to be able to put those clamps on my husky now. I didn't know that also drz fork was another option.
  8. Lungo Cannone

    '97 Suzuki RM125/250 Forks

    hi My name is Riki from Italy, I live in the north in a mountain region and we do some enduro. I have a Husqvarna 250 2017 2t and I want to put this Showa on my motorcycle, I bought a pair of 1997 Showa of rm 125 and I'm starting to open for change oil and seals. I rode al lot of this forum about those forks and so I will try.:) the first question is how to disassembly, till now I disassembled only WP 48 mm open cartridges and they are simple. those seem a little bit more complicated for me. I open the top and drain out oil from the upper side and was like caramello! as soon as I received the forks I tried to move and they were very nice, also in those condition.. thank you very much and I mast say thanks to this forum and specially to negative noel that is my source of inspiration for this project