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  1. Bigbenny54

    2001 YZ250 Project 2019

    Here are some pictures! Using the old trusty 5 gallon bucket stand cause my other ones are being used haha
  2. Bigbenny54

    YZ250 motors - 1999 - 2015 same?

    Ya let’s talk through this. I should be getting my engine in next week and I can look at getting the collar out of mine and if you can get yours out and they are in decent shape we can swap. If that works with you?
  3. Bigbenny54

    2001 YZ250 Project 2019

    Awesome thinks so much!! I’ll try and reach him and see if we can make something work! I’ll keep y’all updated and start getting pictures uploaded
  4. Bigbenny54

    2001 YZ250 Project 2019

    Hi everyone, So I recently purchased a 2001 YZ250 with no Engine. I am looking to make it in to a single track enduro bike. I am right now looking for some what of a complete engine and have come across one recently pulled motor out of a 2011 yz250. To my knowledge the only thing different about the motors from pretty much 99-Present is the swing arm pivot. I guess they changed sizes in 02. I was wondering if anyone knew if it is possible to interchange that 2011 engine into an 2001 frame? Thanks!